garlic bread

I am supposed to be tidying up, I’m getting a visitor tonight. And given the state the house is in, I’m going to be a terrible host (note to self: check if there is hot water in the shower at least). Well, that’s why FatCat has a 50% student discount, am I right?

Dear pancaketeers,

as you can probably guess, with all I was up to during the holidays and despite my very best intentions and carrying (very heavy!!!) textbooks through half of England, no studying happened in that time. Talk about bruises on my thigh and aches in my back for nothing! Which, upon coming back to Nottingham, with approx. 2 1/2 days before my first exam, and then equally as much to prepare for each next essay and exam. And let me tell you, I’m no Toast! Working on such tight deadlines ain’t for me, ohhhh no! So by the end of it, I felt pretty raw, I think one more day and I would’ve had a complete meltdown (got close enough as it was). It is good to know though, that a very decent essay can be written in 2 1/2 days if necessary.
I have to admit, of course, that the weekend in between went by kind of unused, with multiple cinema visits and weird improvised lasagne and walks around Beeston and, of course, improv. It was incredibly enjoyable though, and I regret alsmost nothing.

Well, and ever since then, I’ve been free! Which turns out to not be as productive as I had planned/wanted it to be…

But at least Toast came visit! We/I finally went to the Batman house, and back to PitandPendulum and everywhere else I wanted to show her and we met everyone I wanted her to meet and she even got to be part of a breakfast quest, yay. I had a great time having her here and showing her around, she is a very agreeable roommate ♥ 

Since she left nothing much has happened, except improv Sundays and lots of sleep and slow but steady preparations for my inevitable departure. I am practically living at the imrpov house now, since my house here feels less and less likeable by the day, and even though the heating there is on far too little, I have a decent kitchen, and hot chocolate (I basically live off the stuff lately, literally, whole days pass where I have nothing but hot choc until dinner tea), and a Squirrel Minion of Darkness who comes back from uni in the afternoons and friends who go to Tesco’s wth me (to buy more hot chocolate, and possibly some wine and cheesecake – yet I am actually not being that unhealthy, there is always salad and chicken for dinner tea, so I guess it’s a balance?).

Well yeah, that’s that. Not too exciting. It slowly starts feeling like it’s time for me to go home.

=^.^= Koneko.


Call it chicken salad.

(I always hear stoned dance)
So I was bored in class (once again, and always in the same class I might add) some days ago, so I took to browsing my blog, which led me to a small section on Alex Demented’s blog: the Koneko section. When Alex first introduced me to blogging, I was very intrigued, but not completely sure if I could/wanted to do it  too. So he kindly put a few posts of mine up on his blog.

Reading these now, about 2 years after starting my own blog, made me smile. I liked what I was writing then, the opinions I had and the way I actually adressed my readers – now my posts have become more personal, more about me, and less informing you about how my day was and what I had for lunch. As you might have noticed ;) 

Even though I still see some things the same way, like my theory that many people look the same and somewhat robotic in all of their pictures, or the way I feel about travelling, there are even more things that have changed in the last two years. Starting with the least important, Harry Potter. When I read the books again this summer, I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was because it was the umpteenth time, or for another unknown reason, but the story was not as impresive and breathtaking as I remembered. Now I almost prefer the movies, because even though a lot has been left out or altered, there are other scenes that seem much better in film than on the page (for example, in the very first book/movie, the scene with the flying keys is much more impressive when the keyw are attacking; it also makes way more sense  that in the movie there is only one broom – but anyway, I’m not here to write a complete analysis of movie vs book).

Then, of course, there is the whole Germersheim topic. Back in 2011, when I came here for a one-month summer course, I was so psyched about everything that apparently I didn’t even realize in what a tiny and boring place I had landed. A fact that became apparent to me about a month into first semester, and in the one year I’ve studied here now, it might have even gotten worse. Back then I was so thrilled about meeting nice people and naive enough to think I would keep in touch and stay best friends with all of them – well, it didn’t happen (except for one girl, whom I’ve actually become good friends with and whom I visit about once a year in whatever corner of Europe she is at the time). Admittedly, I still have this little hope/daydream when I meet people I really like and want to get to know better, and still it rarely happens. Well.

Another thing is university itself, back then I said it was nothing like school, but in my  3 semesters I’ve come to realize that they are more alike than you’d think or want them to be. Apart from the classes being longer, there are a lot of similarities, starting with presence being mandatory and ending with the fact that some profs actually treat us like school children, in the way they communicate with us as well as in their way of teaching. Maybe I was so mistaken because in 2011, the course was focusing on translation and interpreting, which is the fun and interesting part of my subject, rather than things like linguistics and other boring stuff. 

As for being independent and living on my own, I still enjoy that like hell, though I always like to skype with my family and look forward to going home and enjoy some good and healthy food instead of mensa food and pasta, chicken and salad served in various but not unlimited combinations.

All in all, almost nothing is the way it was two years ago. Back then I had only just met Μυρτώ, now I can barely imagine not talking to her everyday. I had no idea about so many things on which I now have a more or less firm opinion on (don’t worry, now there are plenty other things I have no clue about, it just never ends I guess). And many of the more or less firm opinions I had then have changed completely. I’ve met people and fallen out of touch with others, learned life lessons and made experiences, blablabla you’ve heard it before. To sum it up, it’s basically what my best friend said when I sent him my old posts to read: “I feel that you’ve grown since then”.

Wow, this is kind of the longest post I’ve written in about a year. And I’ll make it still a little longer by telling you real quick what’s been happening more recently. Uhm, let’s see:

I’ve gotte drunk a lot, met loeads of new people from all over the globe, been to Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels, started learning chinese, managed to eat a whole meal with chopsticks, completed a 2000piece puzzle in 2 weeks, been to a Placebo concert FINALLY, decided I absolutely want to go to New Zealand and Australia, jumped in a pool at night with strangers wearing olny underwear. And whatnot.

=^.^= Koneko.