fish cakes and beans

Dear pancaketeers,

I’m ill. Have been the whole week and now, on the weekend of course, my cold has reached its peak: I’m a sniffling, sneezing mess! Great.

I din’t really do anything today, just haning around the improv house, looking at old pictures, sleeping, watching movies … you know, stuff you do instead of studying when you’re ill.

I feel like I should go to bed, but know that it will be a restless night of tossing and turning and getting up all the time because tissues ran out.

=^.^= Koneko.


sugar cubes

Dear pancaketeers,

I made a friend today:

–insert picture here — until I get to uploading a pic: it’s a cat!

So I’m sitting there, procrastinating as always, when I hear this heartbreaking meowing from outside. So I went downstairs thinking “please let it be in our garden, please let it be in our garden”. It wasn’t, but some persuasion brought it there, and then into the house, and onto my lap. Happiness! And I’m telling you, it wasn’t happy to be put back outside after a while! Lots of meowing. She even somehow got up to my window, looking at me with those big cat eyes… And suddenly she wasn’t. Why? Because the smart little devil had climbed through the bathroom window (the bathroom we never use) and inflitrated the house! At that point, my housemate also came out of his room: “is there a cat in the house?” – “yes, I have no idea where it came from” (ehem!). After a few more cuddles we decided to put the cat back outside, however desperate she seemed to get inside. Sad, yes, but none of us was eager to clean up any kind of mess in the morning. Plus, she had a collar with a little bell, so we’re guessing she belongs to someone. I would really like to know where she came from and what her story is.

In further news: China’s relationship with Taiwan is a hot mess and I still don’t get why there is so much conflict over such a tiny island. And going out for afternoon coffee is fun, it doesn’t always have to be alcohol after midnight. Caffeine is almost as much fun, minus the hangover. Also, it never stops at one Greek. If you happen to come across one on, say, campus, they are just gonna be everywhere from then on: on the bus, the street, the coffeeshop. They’re like ants.

=^.^= Koneko.

black pudding

Of all the fruit I bought the other day, I’m enjoing the bananas the most. Especially when I dip then in hot chocolate.

Dear pancaketeers,

today passed in a blurr of Chinese homework, procrastination, an emergency call (we don’t have anyone for radio yet whaaaa) – so I went to radio, which was utterly unorganized and improv-wise quite bad, but I really really enjoyed being on it, we had a good laugh. Then I kept doing homework through committee meeting and then went to improv, which was good, but I feel like there have been better sessions. I guess mime is just not my thing.

It’s only 11 now but I’m already really tired. Oh, and I forgot mu scarf in the improv room – really hope it’s still there tomorrow!

=^.^= Koneko.

bread and cheese

Dear pancaketeers,

absolutely nothing of interest at all happened today.

=^.^= Koneko.


Aaaaand MONDAY, we’re up to date again!

Dear pancaketeers,

it’s already Tuesday because I was too lazy to post last night, even though I had the time. It’s not like you missed anything though. You don’t need me to know that having no internet for a whole day SUCKS, espacially if you really really REALLY need to do some research for an assignment due in two days’ time. So I spent half y day cleaning while waiting for the return of the www, which didn’t occur. So I went to the library and updated my blog instead of working, yeah, I know, I’m a terrible scolar. In the evening, thankfully, the internet returned and I was happy once again. Exciting, huh?

=^.^= Koneko.

couscous salad

It’s really inconvenient that I need the internet to work, because someone seriously needs to take the internet away from me. Waaaaay too distracting and full of procrastination potential. Like watching series. Or chatting with people. Or writing daily blogs. Ehem – where was I?

Dear pancaketeers,

the word that describes today best is, once again, ‘long’. Getting up at 7, getting up for real at 8, leaving for the bus at 9 and being at uni way too early. 2 hour lecture, unproductive and boring 3 hour break, 2 hour lecture – did I mention I hate Mondays? Well, every other one, because thankfully the morning lecture only takes place every other week. 

It was also pouring rain and terribly windy, can’t believe I was walking around in a t-shirt yesterday. I saw a rainbow umbrella like the one I used to have, all the others were depressingly black. What else did I see, hm… oh! There was this girl sitting at the lunch bar, drinking hear coffee and reading her book. I almost expected some dude to come chat her up, it was like a scene out of a cheesy boy-meets-girl kind of movie or series. I also decided that I should start carrying my books around again, since studying during lunch was a complete fail for the second week in a row. And I like reading, I wonder why I never do it anymore :(

=^.^= Koneko.

bacon and syrup

Helloooo there! Dear pancaketeers,

I just came home and upon reading a stupid 9gag list (because that’s what I do first thing when I get home, sad, right?) realised I MIGHT be slightly drunk. that’s what you get for having a couple of papa smurfs* plus several rounds of a really stupid drinking game. 

I really really enjoyed todays lecture. Introduction to Contemporary China. The professor managed to really put a little bit of everything in there, just enough to make you really curious about the next weeks, when we will analyse different topics everytime. It’s really weird, because I study Chinese as a language and have Chinese friends, but apparently I know absolutely NOTHING about this country/civilisation. And I’ve never been more intrigued by it. Congratulations Dr. Sullivan, you did your job pretty great!

Then my short power nap turned into sleeping away the whole afternoon, which was very pleasant but also means that I’ll have to get up extremely early tomorrow to catch up on the work I was supposed to do today. That’s what you get…

And I told you the Dutch people from the Erasmus group were awesome! They organised a pancake cookout! I think I’ve never seen so many pancakes in my life! And they were delicious too! Turns out, you can put syrup on everything, it will just taste better! Also, my hate for the phrase ‘cheers’, or even worse ‘cheers mate!’, that the English use instead of a simple and elegant ‘thank you’, somehow became the theme of the evening, and we ended up speaking in a really weird, probably not even real accent and mockingly sayng ‘mate’ at the end of every sentence. All in all I had lots of fun and even more lots of food. Whish every Thursday was pancake day! (Pictures tomorrow)

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: a street called GARFIELD STREET. Awesome, right? Right, right?! Also, the cupboards in the Dutch girls’ kitchen had numbers on them and I probably looked reeeeeeeally weird trying to take a picture of them between the crotches of people standing around. 

*The train of thought here is: a very small amount of alcohol is a smurf shot (Μυρτώ, δικό σου ♥), so like a normal portion is a papa smurf shot – I know it doesn’t make sense, but when does anything I say ever make sense.

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