bacon cheesecake?

A ferrace wheel has appeared on the Old Market Square. When? I DON’T KNOW. How? Out of nowhere? Why? I HAVE NO CLUE. It was just there.
Also, the weather is unbelieveably good. It’s taunting me.

Dear pancaketeers,

I spent the last three days hugging everyone goodbye. Which, at some point, kind of took the sadness off of it. At least a bit. But first things first.

Patch came to visit the weekend before last. It was great, he is the first friend I made here in England, he is hilarious, and hopefully we’ll stay in touch. I basically gave him the same tour as Toast – Batman House, Robin Hood statue, Coffee House and improv. It was, for some reason, as strongly Batman and 50 Shades themed session. Odd, but highly amusing. We also wandered a bit around the posher part of Nottingham, marking the houses I one day want to live in (In case you’re wondering: it’s ALL OF THEM), and had a really early morning walk up to the train station, which was freezing but absolutely worth it! I love this city so much…

The rest of the week was, for the most part, very strange for me. Everyone was incredibly busy while I was practically standing still, sleeping too much and not leaving the house. It made me feel truly horrible, as in my frustration I also started getting upset with people who carried no blame whatsoever. I eventually pulled myself together though, started to do exercises for my knee, cleaning out my room and contemplating first aspects of by BA thesis. In the evenings I would go to the improv troupe’s Small World shows, which were fantastic. I laughed so hard! It also made me feel kind of sad I am not staying longer, because I would’ve auditioned for troupe then. I believe with a bit of proper training I can become good.

Then there was Saturday. Valentines Day. If you think about the cliche idea of it, what should a perfect V-day include? Dinner together, some sort of show/entertainment, dessert, some good alone time, presents/cards/chocolate, and wine. And even though it was a crazy busy day and I had well settled to skipping the lovey dovey stuff whatsoever, I somehow got all these things! And in the best (yet arguably very unconventional) way and order possible. Presents consisted of a hastily scribbled punny card for me and a single small roll of love hearts from me and the wine was the 1/4 bottle that had been standing around the room for weeks at mid-afternoon (I drank it straight out of the bottle too, much to the horror of certain Squirrel Minions of Darkness). Dinner was chips and pie from the local fish and chips store, hastily eaten over the kitchen counter due to time pressure. Dessert consisted of 2 for 1 GU cheesecakes that we ate in the theater before the beginning of the last improv show (entertainment – me in the audience, SMoD in the back, doing the lights). It was perfect!
In the evening there was an after party at the improv house, which was quite fun, albeit quite weird also.

And from then on it was goodbyes as far as the eye can see. Last improv session (a bit disappointing for a last one), finals hugs in mooch. I was really touched by people’s sincerity, expressed in the tightness of hugs. And yesterday, a final round of cards against humanity with people who refused to say goodbye on Sunday. It is really nice to feel so appreciated and loved. It also makes leaving that much harder.

=^.^= Koneko.

PS: pictures shall follow. Maybe. At some point.


almost burned bisquits

Dear pancaketeers,

outside, the big, fluffy flakes have given way to a steady downfall of fine snow, and after jumping around the house excitedly I decided this would be a good time for me to give a sign of life.

I am very, very sorry I stopped daily blogging. I don’t even really know why, I guess everything felt so normal and routined that, lulled in my wintery laziness as well, didn’t feel like reporting them. I mostly did what I would’ve done at home, you know? Going for coffee and Christmas shopping with friends, and spening time with Squirrel Minion of Darkness (best decision ever made on this blog, naming him that). I don’t even remember where I left off…. I don’t think I’ve told you about the Christmas dinner at the improv house (great fun, beer bottles with stars on top of christmas trees, mulled wine, Christmas pudding -not my taste – and nerf guns for secret Santa)? Or going to see the Mockingjay (hell, what an intense film, I might just go see it again)? Or about the last week before the Holidays, which was pretty useless from an academic point of view (I did do reasonably well in my Mandarin oral though, hopefully), but brought with them the sudden and rather shocking realization, that the semester is over! After the holidays, nothing will be the same anymore, what with exam stress and all.There is only exams, and once the studying and barely passing is done, my time here is oficially over. And even though I know that I will be staying for few weeks longer than that, the sense of finality is now rooted in my thoughts, whether these concern improv, or uni ife, or Nottingham or my friendships here.

Enough about this! Back to the present, or rather the past.The first week of holidays was spent in blissful laziness, interrupted only by coffee-appointments and Christmas errands here and there – and again, more or less permanent goodbyes on various fronts (I am well aware that amidst studying, exams and Christmas, I won’t really see many of my classmates again). Nottingham has a weird feel to it when you know that close to everyone except you has left…. Eventually, Squirrel Minion of Darkness left for home as well, leaving me two days to myself and to prepare the arrival of my Christmas company, namely my beloved little brother. Between sightseeing and Christmas and successful baking, we somehow managed to get through the whole series of Korra in 4 days. So productive! Tomorrow we’re leaving for London. 

I want to try and blog more frequently again, I actually quite enjoy this form of sharing, but from a hostel common room this should be difficult. So, see you in the new year!!! (I also have lots of pictures I want to edit in at various points)

Oh, and happy belated Christmas everyone! 

=^.^= Koneko.

nachos and beans and cake and I don’t know

time to wrap this all up, it’s like two weeks ago, no one cares anymore. So…

TUESDAY (the one after London)

Showing parents around in Nottingham and on campus(es) and getting the expected disapproval for my current lodgings. Catching up with squirrel minion (while eating cheesy, clustered nachos) before the final rehearsal workshop and being too tired to even take shoes off. Still really happy to be back in Notts and feeling kinda proud to be living here.


The reason I didn’t just skip these last few days is basically Wednesday night: COMEDY IN THE DEN! What that is? It’s a comedy night put together by the improv society – and my very first improv performance aaaaah. Excitement. Nerves. Excitement again. In the morning I did a bit of flyering (more fun than you’d think once you get into it), then had lunch with my parents and got the shortest of power naps before getting ready and rushing down to uni again.

It was a great night! We all did very well on stage, I laughed a lot and so did the audience. The only thing not so nice was that somehow through the interval stand-up comedy and audience suggestions, a mild theme of racism and Nazis ran through the second half of the show… But I don’t want to focus on that, since there are so many positive things to say. I am really proud of the whole group, everyone did really well, there were no big messups. I am also really proud of myself, I do feel like I did a good job and am quite pleased with myself.  Once I got onstage, I stopped being nervous almost altogether and focused on my scenes – I particularly like the change game we played, because I actually incorporated a lot of the advice I’d gotten over the last workshops. I am also really happy that my parents liked it. All they’ve been hearing for the last couple months (just like you) was “improv improv improv”, but I think they never really got it (in more than one aspect). This was a really good chance to show them what improv really is about, how it works, and, mostly, that I haven’t been wasting my time fooling around, but actually found something I gam enuinely passionate about and that is creative and beautiful and can actually give me skills such as confidence on stage, in speech an appearance/performance, quickwittedness, teamwork etc.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for bearing with me and see you soon for regular daily posts.

=^.^= Koneko

mushrooms and chicken

Dear pancaketeers,

I don’t know why I’m so tired. My day was neither very exciting nor particularly exhausting. But it was still good.

A routine is starting to build up. Everything is getting more and more familiar. The smell of weed down my street, tha cashiers at LIDL, the traffic lights. I start meeting people I know on campus. I know that this one guy has 2 dogs and 1 cat, that like to sit on the back of the sofa in the mornings when I walk past. Those two women who regularly have a morning chat from garden fence to (delivery?) truck. All those little things that make you say, yup, I live here now.

So many thoughts are crossing my mind. But I’ll just go to sleep.

=^.^= Koneko.

Hotdogs with Halapenos

Dear pancaketeers,

I had a beautiful Sundaz afternoon walk today. The weather was absolutely lovely and I really enjoyed walking to uni. Radio already felt much more familiar and less scary and I got much more into it and it was fun. Then I quitely munched my burger while they others had their improv comittee meeting and then it was time for improv, which was great as always. But today I ejoyed the social after even more, because I got to talk a lot to everyone and show off my incredibly horrible pool skills. It’s like a vicious cycle because I don’t want to embarass myself but obviously without practicing I’ll never get any better…And you can sell incompetence as charming for only so long….

So as you see, everything is working out quite well here. I’m happy.

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: just a kind of vine or twig haning down the side of the LENTON BOULEVARD sign.

sweet potato fries

Dear pancaketeers,

you can tell I’m getting REALLY tired whe my thoughts start turning dark and I drift off into nnecessary sadness. That’s when it’s time for me to leave and get the hell to sleep.

I feel like yesterdays/this mornings post didn’t even begin to cover how cool my Saturday was. I feel a little bad for crashing at a place where I literally just met the (lovely, lovely) people, but I am also really glad I stayed till the end and had those amazing conversations with really cool people. And today at least I helped clean up, that counts for something, right?

The afternoon was a fullout improv overdose, if there can be such a thing. First I took part in the Society’s radio show, which went quite well I believe and was a lot of fun. And the regular session in the evening was downright amazing: so many great ideas, such commitment and great punchlines from both old and new improvisers.

Today was also the first day that speaking English all the time, preferably in a smart and funny and improv kind of way, got kind of tiring. It is not my native language after all and does require some effort to be spoken properly and continuously. I definitely need a break tomorrow, so I guess I will be as unsociable and isolated as possible, luckily I haven’t got uni until the afternoon so I’ll hopefully get some stuff done in the morning.

I’m off to hibernate for a solid 10 hours now. Editing will happen when I have time (so probably not until Christmas). BYEEEE

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: a blue placque next to a blue garage door saying H2 in bright white letters. Don’t know what it’s refering to, but I noticed it on the way home and for some reason it stuck.

cream and mixed herbs

Dear pancaketeers,

yesterday was crazy! So please forgive me if at 5am I didn’t have the energy to open my laptop and write down my many, jumbled and throughout the night more or less drunk thoughts. I’ll do my best to retrace them this morning. 

My knee really hurts. Yeah, it got knocked out again last night, guess all the walking and partying are getting to it. At the time I just ignored it and kept going/dancing and everything seemed alright and it wasn’t until I locked the door behind my dinner guest much later that I realised that my knee was really swollen and beginning to hurt.

But let’s start from the top, or rather the morning. In class I bonded more or less with various discussion partners, so I don’t feel too left out any more. The people in my Chinese class are the friendliest. Also, the course is great revision and gives me an opportunity to focus on finally learning those characters.

I get a lot of compliments for my English these days, many from native speakers. Can’t deny that it makes me kinda proud and also feels quite reassuring, considering that I am cocky enough to believe I do speak English fluently. Now I only need to work on that funny little accent of mine, which is probably not going to be easy considering that almost everyone I meet here, British or International, has a little different accent. Diversity! Speaking of which, turns out the Erasmus group also has a few Dutch and Swedish who are all really lovely to talk and to party with.

Uhm, where was I? Oh right, describing my day. So after classes from 9 – 3 I set out on a quest to collect the parcel with my new coat from the “local Royal Mail delivery office”. Did they say local? Oh nono, what they actually meant was in the middle of fucking nowhere, leading to my getting completely lost in the most remote suburban/industrial plains of Nottingham, with no bus stop ANYWHERE in sight. No wonder my knee reached its breaking point, even though I had been kind to it and taken busses to and from uni instead of walking. By the time I got home it was past 5 and I was supposed to head out again at 8. Quick shower, quick avocado omelette, quick skype session so that mom knows I’m alive, and off I go for pre-drinks. 

House parties (or house-party-like pre-drinks) are definitely more for me than clubbing or even pub crawls, as much as I enjoy those also, and getting drunk nice and proper with cheap wine and drinking games certainly also makes going out to loud noisy hot sticky dance floors much more enjoyable. I just love when everyone is clearly having fun, talking, laughing, teasing, playing pool and queing for the bathroom and I get to bounce around between groups and talk to everybody, new and old, as I like to do.

1:30 whenever I hear Rihanna somewhere all I think about is you ♥
1:46 My knee got knocked out again. But you can twerk to everything and you can be drunk and fuck it all
2:05 and I feel like just about everyone is kinda hitting on me whuaaat and I feel bad about it.
2:06 like a slut.
5:11 I’m tired good night. Love you.

This morning my knee is still swollen and I can’t bend or stretch it properly. Not so fuck it all after all. But at the time it didn’t feel so bad, rather surreal. There I am dancing in the middle of everyone and suddenly I’m crouching to the floor, knowing exactly what happened even though it was over as quick as it happened, so unexpected, and everyone is asking me if I am okay and I say yes even thoug all that I can think is “fuck!” and even strangers at the column I went to lean on ask if I am okay and I awkwardly smile at them and then go dancing again. And everything is fine again.

And fuck it all seems to work, because I am having fun and everybody else is enjoying themselves just as much and where did the tall handsome (? maybe, it was dark, I don’t know) guy who asks me to dance come from. I danced with him for a while because why not, and with the Spanish and the Londoner, but I actually don’t really want to dance WITH people. Just dance. You know?

It was a really really good night, exactly what I had wanted it to be. Fun and Friends and Alcohol.  And it ended with a wayyy past midnight meal of pasta and an improvised cream sauce, eaten standing up in the kitchen and speaking a little German for a change. Also feels good sometimes. And apparently everyone is always so impressed when I cook post-party, when basically all I do is boil some water and use a salt and pepper shaker. Skills!

=^.^= Koneko.


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