bacon cheesecake?

A ferrace wheel has appeared on the Old Market Square. When? I DON’T KNOW. How? Out of nowhere? Why? I HAVE NO CLUE. It was just there.
Also, the weather is unbelieveably good. It’s taunting me.

Dear pancaketeers,

I spent the last three days hugging everyone goodbye. Which, at some point, kind of took the sadness off of it. At least a bit. But first things first.

Patch came to visit the weekend before last. It was great, he is the first friend I made here in England, he is hilarious, and hopefully we’ll stay in touch. I basically gave him the same tour as Toast – Batman House, Robin Hood statue, Coffee House and improv. It was, for some reason, as strongly Batman and 50 Shades themed session. Odd, but highly amusing. We also wandered a bit around the posher part of Nottingham, marking the houses I one day want to live in (In case you’re wondering: it’s ALL OF THEM), and had a really early morning walk up to the train station, which was freezing but absolutely worth it! I love this city so much…

The rest of the week was, for the most part, very strange for me. Everyone was incredibly busy while I was practically standing still, sleeping too much and not leaving the house. It made me feel truly horrible, as in my frustration I also started getting upset with people who carried no blame whatsoever. I eventually pulled myself together though, started to do exercises for my knee, cleaning out my room and contemplating first aspects of by BA thesis. In the evenings I would go to the improv troupe’s Small World shows, which were fantastic. I laughed so hard! It also made me feel kind of sad I am not staying longer, because I would’ve auditioned for troupe then. I believe with a bit of proper training I can become good.

Then there was Saturday. Valentines Day. If you think about the cliche idea of it, what should a perfect V-day include? Dinner together, some sort of show/entertainment, dessert, some good alone time, presents/cards/chocolate, and wine. And even though it was a crazy busy day and I had well settled to skipping the lovey dovey stuff whatsoever, I somehow got all these things! And in the best (yet arguably very unconventional) way and order possible. Presents consisted of a hastily scribbled punny card for me and a single small roll of love hearts from me and the wine was the 1/4 bottle that had been standing around the room for weeks at mid-afternoon (I drank it straight out of the bottle too, much to the horror of certain Squirrel Minions of Darkness). Dinner was chips and pie from the local fish and chips store, hastily eaten over the kitchen counter due to time pressure. Dessert consisted of 2 for 1 GU cheesecakes that we ate in the theater before the beginning of the last improv show (entertainment – me in the audience, SMoD in the back, doing the lights). It was perfect!
In the evening there was an after party at the improv house, which was quite fun, albeit quite weird also.

And from then on it was goodbyes as far as the eye can see. Last improv session (a bit disappointing for a last one), finals hugs in mooch. I was really touched by people’s sincerity, expressed in the tightness of hugs. And yesterday, a final round of cards against humanity with people who refused to say goodbye on Sunday. It is really nice to feel so appreciated and loved. It also makes leaving that much harder.

=^.^= Koneko.

PS: pictures shall follow. Maybe. At some point.


garlic bread

I am supposed to be tidying up, I’m getting a visitor tonight. And given the state the house is in, I’m going to be a terrible host (note to self: check if there is hot water in the shower at least). Well, that’s why FatCat has a 50% student discount, am I right?

Dear pancaketeers,

as you can probably guess, with all I was up to during the holidays and despite my very best intentions and carrying (very heavy!!!) textbooks through half of England, no studying happened in that time. Talk about bruises on my thigh and aches in my back for nothing! Which, upon coming back to Nottingham, with approx. 2 1/2 days before my first exam, and then equally as much to prepare for each next essay and exam. And let me tell you, I’m no Toast! Working on such tight deadlines ain’t for me, ohhhh no! So by the end of it, I felt pretty raw, I think one more day and I would’ve had a complete meltdown (got close enough as it was). It is good to know though, that a very decent essay can be written in 2 1/2 days if necessary.
I have to admit, of course, that the weekend in between went by kind of unused, with multiple cinema visits and weird improvised lasagne and walks around Beeston and, of course, improv. It was incredibly enjoyable though, and I regret alsmost nothing.

Well, and ever since then, I’ve been free! Which turns out to not be as productive as I had planned/wanted it to be…

But at least Toast came visit! We/I finally went to the Batman house, and back to PitandPendulum and everywhere else I wanted to show her and we met everyone I wanted her to meet and she even got to be part of a breakfast quest, yay. I had a great time having her here and showing her around, she is a very agreeable roommate ♥ 

Since she left nothing much has happened, except improv Sundays and lots of sleep and slow but steady preparations for my inevitable departure. I am practically living at the imrpov house now, since my house here feels less and less likeable by the day, and even though the heating there is on far too little, I have a decent kitchen, and hot chocolate (I basically live off the stuff lately, literally, whole days pass where I have nothing but hot choc until dinner tea), and a Squirrel Minion of Darkness who comes back from uni in the afternoons and friends who go to Tesco’s wth me (to buy more hot chocolate, and possibly some wine and cheesecake – yet I am actually not being that unhealthy, there is always salad and chicken for dinner tea, so I guess it’s a balance?).

Well yeah, that’s that. Not too exciting. It slowly starts feeling like it’s time for me to go home.

=^.^= Koneko.

vegetable risotto

spoiler alert: I’m probably not going to be blogging much this weekend either. I know, I’m horrible and deserve to be banned from the circle of letter-blogging, but please do not ban me, I promise I’ll do my best.

Dear pancaketeers,

since this week not too much has been happening, I will recap it all in one big post.

I left Manchester on Monday morning, having carfully calculated to be back in Notts in time for my 3pm lecture – just to decide halfway along the train ride that, you know what, why not just skip it. So I did and went home instead and later Squirrel Minion of Darkness came by and I finally made that chicken.

Tuesday, nothing really significant happened, except/ even though it was my birthday, which I spent helping my study group with their into German, flyering for the comedy night on Wednesday and going to the rehearsal workshop. All in all not bad, just very, very uneventful.

Wednesday was for some reason absolutely chaotic. It began with almost (but not quite) being late for morning lectures and no breakfast, to getting home and receiving a text to come help flyering please, so I went straight out the house again and then decided that it would be too stressful to go back home and then back to uni again, so I hung around uni with Squirrel Minion, watching him do pre-labs until it was time to prepare the Den for the show. I hadn’t changed either, which annoyed me a lot because I wasn’t too keen on performing in a skirt, but that’s what you get for being lazy. The show went surprisingly well and was a lot of fun, most of the things that had gone kind of wrong during rehearsal somehow worked out on stage and everyone had a great time. And semi-drunk, deep conversations are the best company for the walk home. 

Thursday got lost between a lecture and an extended power nap, which led to me almost being late for our Christmas Formal, which I had been looking forward to so much. Dressing up and singing Christmas songs and fooling around while eating junk food, what better way to spend an evening! I was as much happy as surprised to find Stu had come down early and was there too, waiting to be filled in on everything. It was a great night, with laughter and shattered glass and awards and bleeding noses and slut-dropping and napkins converted to mistletoes and a tiny moment of wonderfulness. And then melancholy, when it hit me that my time here is almost over and I don’t know what I will do when it is…

=^.^= Koneko.

salmon and broccoli

Dear pancaketeers,

This is another multiple catch-up post, albeit not a really interesting one. I am sorry for lagging behind so frequently, but it seems that hibernation mood has sucked me in in every way. I am constantly kind of semi-tired, can’t get myself to do any work or go out of the house unless absolutely necessary. Which is great for a couple of days, but by now it just makes me feel awful. Lazy and unproductive and boring and even more tired and unmotivated. Caffeine sometimes helps, but not always and not really… I’m doing my best to pull myself back out of it, but at the moment I am failing miserably!

As a result I don’t really have much to report about Tuesday or Wednesday: dragging myself to lessons unprepared and without homework, buying fast food instead of cooking, taking buses instead of walking as usual (to be fair, on Tuesday it was also so TERRIBLY cold I would’ve frozen), doing the bare minimum when it comes to taking care of my nails and skin and hair (ok, I did my nails yesterday, and got a new shampoo). God, this sounds miserable!

On the bright side, I got train tickets booked for the weekend and I’m super duper excited about it!!! It means I’ll miss improv again, but for some reason and even though I want to do as much as possible while I’m here especially since there are not too many sessions left, taking a step back does not seem too bad right now. I’ve been really angaged in the society lately, and if there is one thing to spoil anything for me, it’s overexposure as well as the sense of being bound and obligated.  I’ll be back for the next show on Wednesday and the Christmal social and next weekend Stu is coming to visit, so that’s all still good.

So much going on and going to be going on until the holidays. Which led to the sudden realization that there is not much time left and that it’s running out ever so fast. I’m almost panicking whenever I think about it! That’s the problem with fitting in so well – the big fat countdown reminding you that you don’t really belong, can’t really be a part of anything and sure as hell you better not get too comfy and all settled in. Oh well, too late I guess.

=^.^= Koneko.

nachos and beans and cake and I don’t know

time to wrap this all up, it’s like two weeks ago, no one cares anymore. So…

TUESDAY (the one after London)

Showing parents around in Nottingham and on campus(es) and getting the expected disapproval for my current lodgings. Catching up with squirrel minion (while eating cheesy, clustered nachos) before the final rehearsal workshop and being too tired to even take shoes off. Still really happy to be back in Notts and feeling kinda proud to be living here.


The reason I didn’t just skip these last few days is basically Wednesday night: COMEDY IN THE DEN! What that is? It’s a comedy night put together by the improv society – and my very first improv performance aaaaah. Excitement. Nerves. Excitement again. In the morning I did a bit of flyering (more fun than you’d think once you get into it), then had lunch with my parents and got the shortest of power naps before getting ready and rushing down to uni again.

It was a great night! We all did very well on stage, I laughed a lot and so did the audience. The only thing not so nice was that somehow through the interval stand-up comedy and audience suggestions, a mild theme of racism and Nazis ran through the second half of the show… But I don’t want to focus on that, since there are so many positive things to say. I am really proud of the whole group, everyone did really well, there were no big messups. I am also really proud of myself, I do feel like I did a good job and am quite pleased with myself.  Once I got onstage, I stopped being nervous almost altogether and focused on my scenes – I particularly like the change game we played, because I actually incorporated a lot of the advice I’d gotten over the last workshops. I am also really happy that my parents liked it. All they’ve been hearing for the last couple months (just like you) was “improv improv improv”, but I think they never really got it (in more than one aspect). This was a really good chance to show them what improv really is about, how it works, and, mostly, that I haven’t been wasting my time fooling around, but actually found something I gam enuinely passionate about and that is creative and beautiful and can actually give me skills such as confidence on stage, in speech an appearance/performance, quickwittedness, teamwork etc.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for bearing with me and see you soon for regular daily posts.

=^.^= Koneko

uhm… food?

Dear pancaketeers,

as opposed to last week’s power programme, this Sunday was for sleeping in and reading books and having breakfast in bed and almost being too late for a hilarious radio show. Session was also pretty fun, I enjoyed it a lot. I could of course go into detail about a lot of things, but a lot of it is -please insert English word here- Situationskomik, plus you don’t know any of the people at session etc… So I’ll just boringly say “it was good”.

Despite all the sleeping in, after session I was too tired to go down to mooch (student bar) with everyone else, so we headed straight back to the improv house. Halfsleeping and improvised songs and guitar infused homesickness  (for the first time since I am here) and suddenly it was 1:30 …

=^.^= Koneko.

black pudding

Of all the fruit I bought the other day, I’m enjoing the bananas the most. Especially when I dip then in hot chocolate.

Dear pancaketeers,

today passed in a blurr of Chinese homework, procrastination, an emergency call (we don’t have anyone for radio yet whaaaa) – so I went to radio, which was utterly unorganized and improv-wise quite bad, but I really really enjoyed being on it, we had a good laugh. Then I kept doing homework through committee meeting and then went to improv, which was good, but I feel like there have been better sessions. I guess mime is just not my thing.

It’s only 11 now but I’m already really tired. Oh, and I forgot mu scarf in the improv room – really hope it’s still there tomorrow!

=^.^= Koneko.

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