Fortune Cookies

Oh my gosh this was so long ago. A week, basically. The reason for this is that I went to London over the weekend so I obviously didn’t have my laptop nor the time and internet capacity to keep you up to date on the amazing and wonderful things I did there. Yeah, but now is Thursday night, you might say, what have you been doing all this time?! Glad you asked. I shall enlighten you during the course of my catching up posts, which starts now, beginning with:


Dear pancaketeers,

my morning went as usual, boring seminar, infuriating translation workshop (seriously, these people have NO idea what they’re doing most of the time), quick lunch and 2 hours of Chinese. Nothing special whatsoever.

After that I rushed home, guzzled down a coffee, stuffed the last few unnecessary things into my borrowed suitcase and rushed off to catch my bus, and untlimately my train to take me to London. Despite the coffee I slept through the whole jounrey, and was quite awake when we finally arrived.

My Australian friend picked me up at St. Pancras – even though I find that I have no problems navigating big and unfamiliar cities/ public transport networks, it is still really nice to have someone waiting for you – and after checking into my hostel we set out to be random. And random we were! It was wonderuful. We basically just walked through what feels like half of London, with a wonderful Chinese meal (including fortune cookies, yay) along the way, during which we developed the quest to go catch a late night movie at ODEON. With time passing and us getting more than lost, the quest turned into finding the Cinema and then getting hot chocolate and then going to bed. Post-midnight windowshopping and Christmas-decorations and Paddington Bears everywhere and blurred phone-selfies. The most beautiful walk in the dark Hyde Park (which for inexplicable reasons was wide open where we got in, but locked at the point where we wanted to exit – so we just jumped the fence. Ever heard of breaking OUT of a park?) and the mood-appropriate, semi-deep what-is-life conversation by the lake. 

You’ll be happy to know we found the cinema, which by that time was, obviously, long closed. Finding hot chocolate turned into a quite the challenge as well, seeing as we had found ourselves on a street with nothing but shisha bars and kebap places as far as the eye can see. The atmosphere was really nice, people sitting outside until late, talking, enjoying themselves. In the end we even got our hot choc, so the night was an allround success and the best way to spend a Friday night in London I can think of!

I am generally really happy to have found such a nice friend in Patch, considering how randomly we meta couple of months back. Sometimes, when it’s right, friendship is just so easy…

=^.^= Koneko.


Catching up

Hello everybody!
Summer is over, with schools and universities having started. Some of my friends have already left for their studying places, and the others I dont see that often either, because they are back on their shedules as well. I myself really need to get started with packing for Germany; it’s less than 2 weeks now, and it still doesn’t feel real to me.
Anyways, I am aware that in the last months I have neglected my blog a little, even though there were a lot of things I wanted to write about here. Of course I can not post it all right now, but I can give you a few glimpses of

What caught my eye this summer:

  • The first ladybird of the year. I was walking home from school when I saw the little red bug. It was a wonderful day, so after putting my bag down, I grabbed my camera and went out to capture the beginning of the warmer season.

  • The single spark that falls from a lit cigarette, in the middle of the crowd in the middle of some club, driftss towards the floor and disappears in a matter of seconds. 
  • People. In the last months I began paying a little more attention to the people around me, in shops or in the streets etc. The tiny earring in a waitors ear, the serious expression on the faces of people walking by, impressive styles and haircuts. They all mix up into a big blurr of city life…


  • The joy of having kittens in your garden; their shyness and curiosity and how lovely it is to watch them play with each other or sleep together and how attached they always are to their mommy :)


  • The striking resemblance between my best friend and one of his best friends, whether they are together or not. The way they talk, their facial expressions, so many littlee things. It is really funny, they could be like one person sometimes.


Then there is one last thing that caught my eye, and that I find really worth mentioning. I am talking about my room, the place where I sleep and rest and study and where I spend a whole lot of time every day. Of coursee you would think, how can her own room be such an impressive thing that she makes it an eyecatcher, and of course you are right. But I am not talking about the inside of my room, but the outside. 

This is how my room, looks from the outside, the part of my privatee little world you’ll see if you happen to walk by it. The funny thing is, that when I took this picture, I flt like I was really seeing my window for the first time…

I am so gonna miss my room. Hopefully I can make the placee I’ll be living soon is just as pretty and cozy.
=^.^= Koneko.