seriously good ice cream

So I haven’t blogged in forever. Again. I won’t even promise to change anymore.

Dear pancaketeers,

I could say either ‘you didn’t miss much’ or ‘you missed a lot’, and both would be true. I think I will just start by talking about New Years’ and then just see how it goes from there.

Your last update was, if I’m not mistaken, shortly before my brother and I left for London. Well, we had a really good last day in Nottingham, catching up on everything we had been too lazy for before (so most of stuff, really) – and in the evening it snowed! Oh wait, you know that already. What you don’t know, but can probably guess, is that carrying/pulling/dragging heavy suitcases through dirty, half-melted slush is NOT very fun. Neither are overcrowded trainstations. Or 3 flights of narrow hostel stairs with no lift (seriously, stairs in this country are a nightmare!).
However, the hostel was a good choice, a good place to get back to when cold andexhausted from a long day. In the whole week I stayed in London, I did hardly anything I hadn’t done before – I tell a lie, I did aGrim Reapers Tour and saw Primrose Hill and Hyde Park, and found the best cake shop and vanilla cheesecake in all of London (not in the same place though). But even the places I revisited where (are) never the same. It was the first time I saw all the sites in a guided tour and actually got some information too – plus you meet new fun people. The Queen’s Walk is even more lovely by night, with a mulled cider to keep you warm. And don’t even mention the Camden Markets, early in the morning with nearly no tourists yet, they seems even bigger and even more like a giant, ever-shifting maze. We had a really great time, and I think/hope my brother got a good taste of … well, basically my life.

On New Years’ Eve morning I dropped the little one off at the train station and the truly adventurous part of my London-stay began. I met up with Stu and old school friends of his, to whose party I had sort of gotten myself invited. Turns out this friend has the most amazing apartment and rooftop veranda, complete with barbeque and an amazing view – perfect for the night’s purpose! We dumped our stuff their and did what responsible adults do – we went daydrinking! And then had a barbeque and kept drinking. 

The actual party was also pretty great. You just know it is when there is pirates and rum and suddenly it’s midnight when it was just 9pm half an hour ago. We had an almost great but still pretty good view of the fireworks on Tower Bridge. Shortly after, Stu and I just marched across the street and kind of crashed a party there for a while, which was indeed fun, and as everyone slowly left, we sat around, still drinking, drawing on the drunk and gone’s faces, until I fell asleep sitting upright on the couch. In the morning, like nice and grateful house guests that we are, we cleaned up a great deal of the undescribeable mess that was everywhere and then went for a very late and very tired New Years’ breakfast quest. It was really nice, because even though I spent two days with complete strangers, it didn’t feel like I was imposing, but rather like I was making new friends. After shakily hugging them goodbye on the tube, I headed back up to Primrose Hill, where I spent the night with my Australian friend. He was even more tired and hungover than me, so we didn’t do much except cook dinner, watch some TV and fall asleep. It was great.

Next morning, I stole out of the house like a thief at the break of dawn, to catch a train to my next stop: Somerset! I was very excited and a little nervous. You see, Somerset is where Squirrel Minion of Darkness is from. It was a really beautiful train ride, but my eyes were just too tired to look out the window, they just kept falling shut… Upon arriving in a place where the train station was smaller than Germersheim (Lingenfeld, more like), I realized how good this quiet ruralness felt after a week of noisy, busy London. I love the city, no arguing that, but it’s best enjoyed in small doses. Anyway, Somerset. Tiny, rural, quiet. With a nice, dimmed down room and big comfy bed welcoming still exhausted me to nap away most of the day… There was also a cat – clearly, I was in heaven! Long walks, lots of sleep and reading (with cat in lap and hot chocolate) and good food you didn’t have to cook… I’m getting all nostalgic now.

This is getting quite long so I’ll leave it here. The next chapter is exams anyway, not much to say about that….

=^.^= Koneko.


vegetable risotto

spoiler alert: I’m probably not going to be blogging much this weekend either. I know, I’m horrible and deserve to be banned from the circle of letter-blogging, but please do not ban me, I promise I’ll do my best.

Dear pancaketeers,

since this week not too much has been happening, I will recap it all in one big post.

I left Manchester on Monday morning, having carfully calculated to be back in Notts in time for my 3pm lecture – just to decide halfway along the train ride that, you know what, why not just skip it. So I did and went home instead and later Squirrel Minion of Darkness came by and I finally made that chicken.

Tuesday, nothing really significant happened, except/ even though it was my birthday, which I spent helping my study group with their into German, flyering for the comedy night on Wednesday and going to the rehearsal workshop. All in all not bad, just very, very uneventful.

Wednesday was for some reason absolutely chaotic. It began with almost (but not quite) being late for morning lectures and no breakfast, to getting home and receiving a text to come help flyering please, so I went straight out the house again and then decided that it would be too stressful to go back home and then back to uni again, so I hung around uni with Squirrel Minion, watching him do pre-labs until it was time to prepare the Den for the show. I hadn’t changed either, which annoyed me a lot because I wasn’t too keen on performing in a skirt, but that’s what you get for being lazy. The show went surprisingly well and was a lot of fun, most of the things that had gone kind of wrong during rehearsal somehow worked out on stage and everyone had a great time. And semi-drunk, deep conversations are the best company for the walk home. 

Thursday got lost between a lecture and an extended power nap, which led to me almost being late for our Christmas Formal, which I had been looking forward to so much. Dressing up and singing Christmas songs and fooling around while eating junk food, what better way to spend an evening! I was as much happy as surprised to find Stu had come down early and was there too, waiting to be filled in on everything. It was a great night, with laughter and shattered glass and awards and bleeding noses and slut-dropping and napkins converted to mistletoes and a tiny moment of wonderfulness. And then melancholy, when it hit me that my time here is almost over and I don’t know what I will do when it is…

=^.^= Koneko.

sweet potato fries

Dear pancaketeers,

you can tell I’m getting REALLY tired whe my thoughts start turning dark and I drift off into nnecessary sadness. That’s when it’s time for me to leave and get the hell to sleep.

I feel like yesterdays/this mornings post didn’t even begin to cover how cool my Saturday was. I feel a little bad for crashing at a place where I literally just met the (lovely, lovely) people, but I am also really glad I stayed till the end and had those amazing conversations with really cool people. And today at least I helped clean up, that counts for something, right?

The afternoon was a fullout improv overdose, if there can be such a thing. First I took part in the Society’s radio show, which went quite well I believe and was a lot of fun. And the regular session in the evening was downright amazing: so many great ideas, such commitment and great punchlines from both old and new improvisers.

Today was also the first day that speaking English all the time, preferably in a smart and funny and improv kind of way, got kind of tiring. It is not my native language after all and does require some effort to be spoken properly and continuously. I definitely need a break tomorrow, so I guess I will be as unsociable and isolated as possible, luckily I haven’t got uni until the afternoon so I’ll hopefully get some stuff done in the morning.

I’m off to hibernate for a solid 10 hours now. Editing will happen when I have time (so probably not until Christmas). BYEEEE

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: a blue placque next to a blue garage door saying H2 in bright white letters. Don’t know what it’s refering to, but I noticed it on the way home and for some reason it stuck.

noodles and pasta

Dear pancakes,

I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but literally NOTHING of significance happened. I went to an Erasmus BBQ with unspectacular food in the afternoon but left quite early because I was not feeling it. Next thing I know: I wake up, fully dressed, on my bed at 10pm. So I shrugged, put on my PJ pants and turned around again. Boom.

Today was also quite uneventful, as Sundays tend to be, except for the evening, when I had my first English improv session yayyy! I was really excited and a little nervous about it all day, and I was not disappointed. Compared to Germersheim, things are a little more organised here and a lot bigger. They even have a radio show. We were about 30-40 people and played some games I hadn’t heard of, but also quite a few I alreadt knew. I was once again amazed by some peoples ideas and creativity and I even though I was new, I felt very welcome and as if I belogned. You see, that’s the thing I like about improv people, they are amazingly open and friendly and like meeting new people and even though many of them are actually really shy and awkward, improv somehow helps us all to overcome that and open up. After the session we went down to Mooch, the students pub on campus, for drinks and I made my first British friend. EXCITEMENT!

I already can’t wait until next week and I am already sad that I’ll have to leave in January. For now I’ll go to bed, I have my first lecture tomorrow at 10. I am really curious about everything. Goodnight.

=^.^= Koneko.

gintonic für 3 euro

Und ich hab immer noch nichts von Berlin erzählt. Dabei gibt es so viel zu erzählen, so viel, an das ich ständig denken könnte, weil es mich lächeln lässt.

Shit, es fahren keine Bahnen mehr. Dann laufen wir doch einfach durch halb Berlin, mitten in der Nacht. Durch die leeren Straßen, durch die Stille. Vorbei an Ratten und Füchsen und armen Polizisten die Nachtschicht haben. Klettern auf Kähne in der Spree und diskutieren alte und moderne Architektur.  

 In der Morgensonne auf der Museumswiese dösen, Leute beobachten, über Kunst- und Buchmärkte spazieren. 

Wenn ich an das kleine Mädchen denke, dass in den Pausen allein auf dem Schulhof gespielt und gehofft hat, dass es keiner merkt… Ich weiß nicht was sich geändert hat. Aber irgendwo dazwischen hat sie sich verändert. Sie ist zwar immer noch ein kleines Mädchen, aber sie spielt nicht mehr alleine. Irgendwann, irgendwie hat sie gelernt, wie man sich einfügt, immer und überall. Sogar im großen, wunderbaren Berlin.

Ein kleiner, unscheinbarer Eingang in die wunderbare Welt italienischer Küche und uralter Musikvideos. Eine Gasse, die anstatt in eine crack-Höhle, zu einem Kino führt. Und ein Mann, der einfach auf der Straße steht und Opernlieder singt. Erstaunlich gut sogar. 


Spätabendliches (griechisches?!) Frühstück mit den Rezeptionisten; “Probier mal, was fehlt noch?” – Honig! Nutellaschmuggel für das richtige Frühstück. Unnötige Kerzen auf den Tischen verteilen, forcing some romance on the people. 

Zugegeben, Hostels machen es einem nicht besonders schwer. Je länger man dort ist, desto mehr Leute sieht man kommen und gehen. Australien, Kanada, Frankreich, Brasilien. Alle bleiben nur ein paar Tage und alle freuen sich über Gesellschaft. Wo willst du heute hin? Klar, ich komme mit. Freundschaften für einen Tag. one night friendships. Niemand bleibt. Nur ein paar verwackelte Fotos vor dem Friedrichsstadtpalast. Mit Menschen, die man unter anderen Umständen nie kennen gelernt hätte. Und dann merkt man, dass man sich mit diesen Leuten wirklich gut versteht. Und am Sonntag sind sie wieder weg. 

Sich auf dem Weg zu dieser einen Bar fast verirren, weil “ich den Weg kenne – theoretisch”; Wir laufen also durch die Straßen, unterhalten uns, lachen, schauen uns Kunstausstellungen durch die Fenster an. Zum Alexanderplatz und zurück. “Oh schau mal, ein Spielplatz!” – “Lass mal nach Spritzen suchen” – “Das war jetzt nicht so spektakulär wie erwartet”. Ein Schritt. Klick. 

Es ist faszinierend, so viele Kurzeinblicke in so verschiedene Denkweisen, verschiedene Welten zu bekommen. Neue Erfahrungen, neue Sichtweisen. So können die Dinge auch aussehen. Es macht Spaß, mit Leuten loszugehen, die Berlin genauso wenig kennen, und in den verrücktesten Ecken zu landen. Mal über andere Witze zu lachen.  Aber irgendwann wird es auch anstrengend, jeden Tag neue Namen, zum hundertsten Mal “Woher kommst du? Was bringt dich nach Berlin?”. Dann fehlen einem bekannte, geliebte Gesichter, die alten Insiderwitze.

Es wird schon langsam hell. Alles hat geschlossen, sogar “Pommes-Mandy”. Nur der Falafelmann ist noch da und macht sauber. Er schenkt uns einen ganzen Korb kalte Falafel gegen den drohenden Hangover. Dann sitzen wir einfach nur da auf der roten Couch, essen Falafel und warten bis wir müde genug sind um schlafen zu gehen. 

 =^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: There is a lightpost in the furthest corner of the unversity grounds. I doubt that it works, but then again I also doubt anybody would ever need it to. Talk about pointless.

In the cold? light of the morning

What caught my eye today last night: at about 3 am I found out that from my window I can seee the lights of passing cars on thee new highway. It’s funny, ’cause in the dark youcan’t see thee street. You only know it’s there from ste small dots of light moving through the nothing.

good morning :)

I like these hours after midnight, the really early morning. When everything turns quiet and most lights go out. Many people find it scary and eventhough the first adjective that comes to my mind is peaceful, I can’t blame them. I remember the other night when i was walking home with my best friend, past 4 am. Our voices were the only thing sound to be heard, when we reached that road with cars parked on both sides.

‘Imagine all the lights turning an all of a sudden right now. It would be like they are looking at you, ready to come after you’ I said, shivering.

‘Imagine you just walk past themand suddenly there is a movement behind on of the windows. Or even worse, you see a face staring right at you’ he answered. Really, imagine that! That’s when it’s over with the peaceful, that IS scary. Luckily, no car came alive and nobody jumped out of one and we got home pretty soon, giggling.

I also like the rest of the morning actually. When the sky shiftss from black to grey to light blue and the birds start singing again. I love sunrises. Years ago, on a family holiday, I was up at six o’clock for some reason, so I went outside and for the first time I watched the sun, bloody red, rise up to the sky – then I went to the pool, becausee I always wated to take a swim this time of the day, but the water was so freezing – don’t repeat this at home kids:P From then, I’ve admired the soft yellow and orange colors quite often, they always leave me breathless.

morning light

And then comes the actual mornig, and here is what I adore doing on those, at least when I’m in town, a luxury I don’t have all that often: get up, get dressed and head outside, to walk among other people, whose faces are still pretty realxed because it’s early. Meet with somebody you like and head for a nice place, preferrably somewhere in the center, and sit down for breakfast (I couldn’t explain where that tick with breakfasts in the city comes from, but I LOVE them), watching the people around you as it slowly gets warmer and the day begins for good. I’ve found out that whatever weather it is, the atmosphere is light and happy. As long as you’re with somebody you can argue and laugh with.  

But, as I discovered recently, I don’t even need company to enjoy the magic of the morning. After being up almost all night with my friends I was the only one who felt like going out for breakfast (the others were tired, can you believe it?), so I went and sat at Loggia on my own (remeber the place? I talked about it another post a while ago). When you haven;t slept, everything around you seems eeven brighter and more alive, so I sat there for a long while, listening to music and observing the people walking by and it made me feel a little better; I wansn’t in my very best mood you see.

It’s a shame I’m sleeping so long these days, I miss my favourite time of the day…


Before I leave you for today, I just anted to say a big, no, a HUGE thank you (pink, beecausee shee loves it heehe) )to Μυρτώ. Because I’m so incredibly grateful to have her. She gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten the other day and I just wish I could give her something back that is just as simple and yet meaningful. I wish I could get the stars down for her too. 

=^.^= Koneko.

(Eyecatcher is at thee top this time, it was such a pefect introduction ;))

Random post yayy :)

Heyy people, I’m at my best friend’s right now, who seemingly can’t cook (” I CAN cook, I just don’t know when the food is ready” – let’s pretend we believe him).

Uhm, I don’t know what to write, so let’s talk about him :P
-nooo don’t talk about me like seriously stop it! (I made that exclamation mark, he doesn’t like them; some people just have issues)

And that was the fun fact about my best friend: doesn’t like exclamation marks!!

Yeah, bye.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: blaaah imma write something random here since it’s a random post yay everything’s completely irrelevant and why are the streets so scary at night, they are like the same but darker, doesn’t make any sense to me, fricking bird, it scared the hell out of me okay bye for real now. (since I have nothing better to write instead, I’ll leave that like this :))


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