Well, I’ve made pretty many posts by now, which all have one thing in common: the eyecatchers. Some of them are really stupid, but either way I thought I’d collect them all and put them here, since they are the only kind of theme I have for this blog :P So enjoy!!

What caught my eye on:

27/9/11  – A bird hopping up and down one side of its cage, chirping. It made me smile, and I wondered whether it had to do anything with the mirror that was facing the cage.

27/9/11 –  the back entrance to my school, which has a zig-zagged pavement around the parking lot. It annoyed me that I couldn’t walk in a straight line to get to my classroom.

2/10/11 – Plateia eleftherias (a square in the center of Heraklion), which was crowded with people. They were mostly scaters or bikers or some other ‘closed groups’, so at the beginning I felt bit of an outsider.

2/10/11 – a few old men, sitting in front of a café and playing cards. I really liked that picture, it was touching in a way…

5/10/11 – a female pizza-baker. It looked really wrong, because in my (not at all discriminating) opinion, throwing pieces of pizza-dough in the air is a right preserved for men.

11/10/11 – the little white dog, that has become B1’s ‘mascot’, sleeping under a bench, so peacefully…

16/10/11 – that awful pink helium balloon bunny with its unnaturally wide grin a baby passing by Loggia today had. I hated it, but still had to restrain myself not to jump up and go buy one myself. I am so grown up!

27/10/11 – anthills, so brown they looked artificial, and all the ants scurrying around, never stopping… it really is fun to watch for a while.

30/10/11 – the most fantastic wall I’ve EVER seen – stilized gray seagulls on a white and light blue background. I kept looking at it for like two whole minutes, repeatedly saying “aaah”…

1/11/11 – the more people try to come across as authentic and ‘themselves’, the more fake they look. It’s just plain sad…

4/11/11 – the SUN! how it changes a scene from dull to bright and happy, when it peaks out behind the clouds. And how warm it is, even in winter…

11/11/11 (:P) – how many people drag their feet. It evens sounds like they are lacking energy and spirit. How hard is it to pick up your feet just a tiny bit more?!

14/11/11 – my classmates, speaking and laughing and screaming three times louder than neseccary . What are they trying to achieve with that?

17/11/11 – it is so amusing when people on the bus wait, finger on the button, for the exact! right moment to press ste stop signal – I do it too :D

6/12/11 – the starriest sky I have ever seen from my garden, on a clear cold winter night. I always forget how magical this tiny gleaming dots on a black surface can be…

9/12/11 – we all had to take our identity cards to school today, for some bureaucracy stuff. Since we all made them about 2007 (hell, we’re old!), it was funny to see how immensely we all changed in the last years – mostly to the better I hope!

19/12/11 – the first light of the morning crawling over the bay, which at this hour looked unbelievably calm. Sunsets are so different from sunrises!

30/12/11 – the forest paths I walk with my mom almost everyday. They cosist of soil and gravel covered in leaves and moss and if they are not too muddy, these forest walks are wonderful. The skin feels so unbelievably fresh when you get back into the warm afterwards!

17/1/12 – what caught my eye in berlin!

1/2/12 – The eyebrows of one of my teachers. They are unbelievably long and wild and over the blue eyes they make him look like a beast:P

9/2/12 – the steam coming out under the lid of the pot with the tomato sauce I was cooking. It looked kind of black and I worried that the food might be burning and/or the house could catch fire any instant.

27/2/12 – steam swirling in the car’s headlights. It took me a while to realize that it was actually rain evaporating from the warm asphalt. Yeah, it was warm this morning, can you believe it?! Now it’s raining again but obviously the roads saved a lot of heat…

4/3/12 – the doorbell at my brother’s friend’s house, which is no button but an actual bell. I find this very authentic and charming.

20/3/12 – my laptop’s keyboard. Not only is it permanently dusty, no matter how often I clean it, it’s also pretty worn by now. Most faded of all is the enter key – I chat a lot, apparently. But I do lov that it has developed its own character. For example, it likes to type th letters ‘e’ and ‘s’ twice, so don’t think these are MY mistakes :P

29/3/12 – καμία απο τις κατσαρόλες και τα τηγάνια μας δεν φαίνεται να ταιριάζει απόλυτα πάνω στα μάτια της κοθζίνας. Πάντα απο κάποιο σημείο ξεπροβάλλει λιγάκι κόκκινο απο το ζεστό …σύρμα? Ειλικρινά, αναρωτιέμαι….γιατί???

3/4/12 – ένας τοίχος, χωρίς τίποτα ιδιαίτερο. Μόνο πέτρες και τσιμέντο που σε εμποδίζουν στο να δεις τι το διαφορετικό υπράρχει (ή ΔΕΝ υπάρχει) απο πίσω.

7/4/12 – blaaah imma write something random here since it’s a random post yay everything’s completely irrelevant and why are the streets so scary at night, they are like the same but darker, doesn’t make any sense to me, fricking bird, it scared the hell out of me okay bye for real now. (since I have nothing better to write instead, I’ll leave that like this :))

13/5/12 – the tragic state of my room, every tiny little spot of which is coveered with study stuff. There are books in my bed, photocopies on the floor, post-its all around my desk. It’s really horrible, first thing I’ll do when this is over is TIDY UP!!

23/5/12 – a cat with a face exactly like Garfield, I swear!

23/6/12 – the fruit bowl on our kitchen bar. It is basically a huge plate with a blue pattern and it has always been there, holding more nicknack (coins, clips, screws etc) than fruit. I think it is one of the things in this house that will bee there like, forever and the thought is kind of comforting to me.

7/7/12 – Στο ίσως πιο κεντρικό σημείο της πόλης, υπάρχει μια ολόκληρη γωνιά περιφραγμένη απο έενα μπλε και πορτοκαλί δύχτι. Λοιπόν πριν μερικές μέρες κοίταξα επάνω, για να δω πως το δίχτυ κρύβει ένα κτίριο – οι τοίχοι γεμάτοι με πανώ απο διαφημίσεις – που περιμένει μια ανακαίνιση που μάλλον δε θα γίνει ποτέ.

14/7/12 – at about 3 am I found out that from my window I can seee the lights of passing cars on thee new highway. It’s funny, ’cause in the dark youcan’t see thee street. You only know it’s there from ste small dots of light moving through the nothing.

14/8/12 – this photo frame that I bought from IKEA years ago, but still havn’t put any photos in. I wouldn’t know which ones, anyway. I am living so many beautiful moments with even more lovely pictures, they never fit in any frame…

14/8/12 – I was at the bus stop waiting for my mom to come pick me up, but she was running late. She drives a red car. And while time was passing and passing and I waited full of anticipation for her to appear I realized: there is a damn lot of red cars on the road!

6/9/12 –  was at the pool the other day, and while I was trying not to get drowned by my friend, I noticed a family walking by: the little boy was chattering happily and asking his dad about the depth of the water every few steps. ‘Can I still reach the bottom here? What about you dad? Not even Manuel Neuer (German goalkeeper)?” it made me laugh, because I used to measure depths the same way when I was little.

28/9/12 – It really is a big eyecatcher by itself so… https://catslikecupcakes.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/catching-up/ See for yourself :)

2/10/12 – A few weeks ago, my grandparents were staying over at our holiday apartment, right next to our own house. As  I went out quite late one night, I unexpectedly heeard their voices; it is really really admirable that after being together the whole day (let alone all their lives) they were still sitting on the veranda together, always finding somthing to talk about.

14/2/12 – the beautiful autumn trees, that range from green to yellow to orange to brown and make everything so cozy. Shame that soon they all will be bare and not cozy at all.

23/10/12 – der Regen hier ist so fein, dass man ihn durch die Fensterscheibee nichtmal sehn kann. Mal sehen ob mir das bis März immer noch so gefällt.

24/10/12 – In Germersheim, there is water everywhere! There is this little stream that runs through the centre of the town (with all the sweet little bridges crossing it), and in addition there are fountains in like every square. Not to forget about the Rhine, which is very close by too.

29/10/12 –  cobweb. It wasn’t very big or very beautiful, it was rather torn in fact. But I still stood there 3 whole minutes, staring at it in fascination – because it was frozen. actually FROZEN. Welcome to Germany, the land of icy wonders.

7/11/12 – A kid’s fingerdrawing on a dusty train window; a heart, a smiley face and… a smeared handprint. It looked kinda like a happy advertising spot and made my whole train ride.

11/11/12 – apparently, there is not enough furniture in my tiny little home. I have already used two empty carton boxes as substitude bedside table and ‘shelf’ for my printer. Weidly enough, I don’t even mind; it’s recycling in a way (don’t even question it!).

17/11/12 – Ρολόγια. Στο PC, στο κομοδίνο, του κινητού. Και δεν μπορώ να αποφασίσω αν οι ώρες περνούν βασανιστικά αργά. Ή μήπως υπερβολικά γρήγορα;

20/11/12 – the florist said to water my little plant only once a week, but the soil in the (purple! :D) pot seems to be too dry like all the time. Apparently I’m not a plantkeeper; maybe I should get a cat instead…

17/12/12 – ome paramedics (are they called that? The guys that drive in an ambulance), who were wearing white pants. I found that quite weird and unpractical. Why would they have white pants?

30/12/12 – Ένα ζουζούνι μπροστά στην εξώπορτα μας, που είχε βρεθεί ανάσκελα και κουνούσε τα ποδαράκια του στην προσπάθεια να σηκωθεί. Αναρωτήθηκα για πόσο θα μπορούσε να επιβιώσει έτσι. Και το άφησα εκεί.

11/1/13 – the trucks going in and out and in again (that DOESN’T sound dirty at all, dudes) the driveway on the other side of the road. It is inexplicable (what a nice word!!!) to me what they want there, since it happens all the time, everyday. Seriously, if there’s something for free somebody should tell me.

18/1/13 – an alarm clock ringing a few rooms away, fist slowly, then quicker and louder, until whoever got up and bagan their day.

28/1/13 – η σκιά μου, για άλλη μια φορά. Λατρεύω να τη βλέπω να με προσπερνάει καθώς περπατάω, μόνο για να εμφανιστεί ξανά πίσω μου το επόμενο κλάσμα του δευτερολέπτου.

2/2/13 – The grey cat, which apparently lives in that houseware-equipment store on the way to Amadeus Pub. It ALWAYS sits in the EXACT SAME SPOT! Jeez, it has a whole store all to itself, and yet I’ve never seen it anywhere but in that spot. Someday I will walk straight in there and ask the owner if I can pet it.

6/2/13 – the blue bicycle outside my building: I couldn’t tell if the wind had blown it over again, or if it had never been picked up in the first place.

12/3/13 – an afghan hound. They are pretty dogs actually, it’s steps were light and feathery…

16/3/13 – καθώς κατέβαινα τις σκάλες του μετρό, βρήκα μπροστά μου δυο άνδρες (πάνκς? μπορεί) να ανταλλάζουν σάλιο με τον πιο αηδιαστικό τρόπο που θα μπορούσε να δει κανείς Παρασκευή απόγευμα στη στάση του μετρό.  Αλλά τι να πει κανείς – σ’ κείνους προφανώς άρεσε ;)

27/3/13 – κουνούπια. Είναι μικρά, είναι παντού και σε στοιχειώνουν. Λάθη της φύσης γαμώ!

31/3/13 – πήγα να κόψω λεμόνια σήμερα από τον κήπο – δεν είχα παρατηρήσει ποτέ πως οι λεμονιές έχουν αγκάθια…

27/4/13 – it was windy yesterday, and the air was full of tiny white and yellow petals, falling from the blooming trees. It was a beautiful but sad image and it kind of suits my state of mind lately.

4/5/13 – you never see anyone walking on the road smiling. Not at you, but just because they want to smile. No one ever does it! I do it sometimes, and I want to try to make it a habit.

20/5/13 – δεν έχει σήμερα. Γιατί οι σκέψεις μου κάνουν κύκλους και δεν έχουν χρόνο για το τι βλέπουν τα μάτια μου.

23/5/13 – κοίταζα χτες, περασμένα μεσάνυχτα, τον ουρανό. Από τη μια μεριά ήταν συννεφιασμένος, αλλά από την άλλη, λες και κάποιος τράβηξε μια στραβή γραμμή, ήταν πεντακάθαρος. Μπορούσα να δω τη Μεγάλη Άρκτο – πάντα τη βρίσκω, όπου και να είμαι… Ωραίο αυτό.

29/5/13 – Τα ποδήλατα μπροστά στο πανεπιστήμιο. Είναι πολλά, πάρα πολλά. Δε μ’αρέσει το ποδήλατο.

31/5/13 – δέντρα. Άρχισε με ένα συγκεκριμένο που κοιτούσα χτες, κι έγινε γενική μου απορία. Γιατί ποτέ δεν παρατηρούμε πόσο γαμημένα όμορφα είναι τα δέντρα?

3/7/13 – θυμάστε ένα eyecatcher για έναν παγωμένο ιστό αράχνης? Ε λοιπόν, όπως περνάω χτες κάτω από την ίδια πινακίδα, βλέπω πως συνεχίζει να υπάρχει ένας ιστός εκεί, λεπτός και όμορφος και να ανεμίζει στο καλοκαιρινό αεράκι.

3/7/13 – post its that have hung on my wall for so long, that I don’t even see them any more. They could easily disappear right tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice. Weird how you get used to stuff like this so much.

9/7/13 – ένα από τα σπίτια το δρόμο για το σούπερ μάρκετ, παίζει να έχω περάσει δίπλα του 100000 φορές, έχει στην αυλή του μια λιμνούλα. Πραγματική λιμνούλα με νερό και νούφαρα και όλα τα σχετικά. Ουάου. Άσκοπο, αλλά ουάου.

6/8/13 – μέσα στο γκαζόν που λίγο θέλει για να ξεραθεί, αχνοφαίνονται δυο κίτρινα λουλουδάκια, σαν κουκκίδες μες στο πράσινο.

20/8/13 – Jackies (to be admired and adored in the picture above) little paws twitching slightly as he was sleeping on my lap this afternoon.

22/8/13 – μια μικρή μαύρη κουκκίδα, η μακρινή μορφή ενός πουλιού πάνω στον καταγάλανο ουρανό ουρανό, που εξαφανίστηκε ξανά από το οπτικό μου πεδίο μέσα σε δευτερόλεπτα.

3/9/13 – μετά από ώρες και ώρες στα μαγαζιά και στα πλήθη, μόνο αυτό το πορτοκαλί μαγιό μου έμεινε. Και δεν το αγόρασα καν σκέψου.

2/11/13 – Το πρωί που πήγαινα προς τη σχολή, μες στο κρύο συνάντησα μια γυναίκα που έβγαζε το σκύλο της για βόλτα, και τι όμορφο σκυλί, αλλά πιο πολύ χάρηκα όταν είδα με πόση ζωντάνια, ενέργεια και χαρά έτρεχε δίπλα της, γαβγίζοντας από τον ενθουσιασμό του που θα είχε την ευκαιρία να παίξει στην ψύχρα του πρωινού.

12/11/13 – μια τυχαία χαραμάδα σε ένα τυχαίο βάθρο σε μια τυχαία αίθουα στη σχολή. Δεν είναι καν πολύ βαθιά ή μεγάλη, απλά καθόμουν πρώτη σειρά και την πρόσεξα. Αυτό είναι, στο κάτω κάτω, το νόημα των eyecatchers. Μη ξεχνιόμαστε κιόλας.

13/11/13 – one of my friends’ handwriting. It’s so neat and pretty in comparison to what I produce with ink on a blank page…

14/11/13 – είναι βράδυ και μόλις κοίταξα τον ουρανό για πρώτη φορά όλη μέρα. Είναι γεμάτος βαριά, γκρίζα σύννεφα. Ταιριάζει.

16/1/14 – I looked down from my balcony this morning and saw a banana peel – lying on TOP af a cigarette automat.

28/1/14 –  Μια  κυρία με το σκυλάκι της στο δρόμο. Ήταν καλά εκπαιδευμένο το σκυλάκι, κάθε φορά πριν περάσουν απέναντι η κυρία σταματούσε και το σκυλάκι καθόταν δίπλα της, μέχρι να αρχίσει εκέινη να περπατάει.

8/2/14 – from my balkony I can look into the garden across the street. And there is this – oh don’t mind, I just saw a cat taking a walk and chasing birds, that’s way more noticeable than some rusty lawnmower.

14/2/14 – ένα πολύ έξυπνο δέντρο. Δεν ήξερε και κβαντική φυσική βέβαια, αλλά κατάφερε να φυτρώσει έτσι ώστε ένα μέρος του κορμού του να στηρίζει ένα άλλο κλαδί το οποίο αλλιώς θα έπεφτε. Και φαίνεται και πολύ όμορφη η όλη κατασκευή. Βραβείο Νόμπελ αυτοσυντήρισης!

12/4/14 – I saw my high school crush again today. He still looks good and he still has his girlfriend. It’s like nothing changed in almost 5 years. (Does that count as an eye catcher?)


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