salmon and broccoli

Dear pancaketeers,

This is another multiple catch-up post, albeit not a really interesting one. I am sorry for lagging behind so frequently, but it seems that hibernation mood has sucked me in in every way. I am constantly kind of semi-tired, can’t get myself to do any work or go out of the house unless absolutely necessary. Which is great for a couple of days, but by now it just makes me feel awful. Lazy and unproductive and boring and even more tired and unmotivated. Caffeine sometimes helps, but not always and not really… I’m doing my best to pull myself back out of it, but at the moment I am failing miserably!

As a result I don’t really have much to report about Tuesday or Wednesday: dragging myself to lessons unprepared and without homework, buying fast food instead of cooking, taking buses instead of walking as usual (to be fair, on Tuesday it was also so TERRIBLY cold I would’ve frozen), doing the bare minimum when it comes to taking care of my nails and skin and hair (ok, I did my nails yesterday, and got a new shampoo). God, this sounds miserable!

On the bright side, I got train tickets booked for the weekend and I’m super duper excited about it!!! It means I’ll miss improv again, but for some reason and even though I want to do as much as possible while I’m here especially since there are not too many sessions left, taking a step back does not seem too bad right now. I’ve been really angaged in the society lately, and if there is one thing to spoil anything for me, it’s overexposure as well as the sense of being bound and obligated.  I’ll be back for the next show on Wednesday and the Christmal social and next weekend Stu is coming to visit, so that’s all still good.

So much going on and going to be going on until the holidays. Which led to the sudden realization that there is not much time left and that it’s running out ever so fast. I’m almost panicking whenever I think about it! That’s the problem with fitting in so well – the big fat countdown reminding you that you don’t really belong, can’t really be a part of anything and sure as hell you better not get too comfy and all settled in. Oh well, too late I guess.

=^.^= Koneko.


nachos and beans and cake and I don’t know

time to wrap this all up, it’s like two weeks ago, no one cares anymore. So…

TUESDAY (the one after London)

Showing parents around in Nottingham and on campus(es) and getting the expected disapproval for my current lodgings. Catching up with squirrel minion (while eating cheesy, clustered nachos) before the final rehearsal workshop and being too tired to even take shoes off. Still really happy to be back in Notts and feeling kinda proud to be living here.


The reason I didn’t just skip these last few days is basically Wednesday night: COMEDY IN THE DEN! What that is? It’s a comedy night put together by the improv society – and my very first improv performance aaaaah. Excitement. Nerves. Excitement again. In the morning I did a bit of flyering (more fun than you’d think once you get into it), then had lunch with my parents and got the shortest of power naps before getting ready and rushing down to uni again.

It was a great night! We all did very well on stage, I laughed a lot and so did the audience. The only thing not so nice was that somehow through the interval stand-up comedy and audience suggestions, a mild theme of racism and Nazis ran through the second half of the show… But I don’t want to focus on that, since there are so many positive things to say. I am really proud of the whole group, everyone did really well, there were no big messups. I am also really proud of myself, I do feel like I did a good job and am quite pleased with myself.  Once I got onstage, I stopped being nervous almost altogether and focused on my scenes – I particularly like the change game we played, because I actually incorporated a lot of the advice I’d gotten over the last workshops. I am also really happy that my parents liked it. All they’ve been hearing for the last couple months (just like you) was “improv improv improv”, but I think they never really got it (in more than one aspect). This was a really good chance to show them what improv really is about, how it works, and, mostly, that I haven’t been wasting my time fooling around, but actually found something I gam enuinely passionate about and that is creative and beautiful and can actually give me skills such as confidence on stage, in speech an appearance/performance, quickwittedness, teamwork etc.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for bearing with me and see you soon for regular daily posts.

=^.^= Koneko

rice and curry

Today, Monday.

Sorry this is so confusing… It will be over soon, promise. And then I’ll go on the next trip and the whole madness starts again.

Dear pancaketeers,

postmen are really not to be envied. Imagine what time they had to get up to ring you out of bed! Still, they are annoying as hell. Also, I now believe there is not a lecture in my timetable I haven’t skipped at least once. But these days, I’m too tired to pay attention most of the time anyway…

=^.^= Koneko.

organic scones and quiches

(last) MONDAY

I feel like this is never going to end…

Dear pancaketeers,

if you knew my dad, you’d know better than to say, “we’ll just go down to Covent Garden and find something to eat along the way” My dad is like some sort of reversed Gremlin: never not feed him in the mornings! (also, don’t get him wet, lol). In my eagerness to be spontaneous and adventurous, I disregarded that rule, which led to mutual exasperation and into an overly organic for our tastes breakfast bar, which in the end turned out to serve really delicous (and healthy naturally grown, organic) food. Once everyone’s hunger and need for caffeine was satisfied, we – uhh, what DID we do? – oh right! We went to everywhere I had already been on Saturday morning, on foot of course! I still absolutely love Trafalgar Square, there just is something about that place…   Buckingham Palace on the other hand, is in my opinion quite unimpressive and overrated as a landmark, even if the Queen lives there. St. James Park is, indeed beautiful (like all parks are, they are truly beautiful, but still, at the end of the day it’s just parksand they all look more or less the same) – but the SQUIRRELS! Aaagh! So cute, so smart, so trusty! I think I chased every single one of them to offer it imaginary treats because unfortunately I didn’t have any real ones.

I don’t regret doing the same walk again. Different lighting can change the world. Big Ben is truly a great view while soaking up the afternoon sun, before it start’s getting dark (at 3pm, whuat) and chilly and, just to top it all off, begins to rain. But who cares, we had to catch our train back to Nottingham anyway. Because, you see, as if I wasn’t exhausted enough already (once again, slept through the train ride), I still had plans for the evening.

After a rollercoster of suspense, I had only on Sunday manage to get hold of a ticket to the Pretty Reckless. I really wanted to go to the gig, not only because I love the band, but also it felt like a huge shame to not attend an event like this happening righ in my backdoor for once (usually I have to travel half the world to get to gigs). However, I am getting ever closer to the conclusion, that concerts of all kinds mainly consist of waiting – for doors to open, for the gig to begin, for the supports to finish, for the main performance, for the encore… I have also concluded that, even though it is a pain during the aforementioned waiting, going to concerts alone provides you with great freedom of movement. Once again, I wiggled my way to the very front, even though a bit later I allowed myself to get pushed back a couple of rows. Third and fourth conclusion of the evening: don’t go on an album tour gig when you are not really familiar with the new songs, it takes out half the fun; also don’t go to a rock, or any concert really, if you’re barely able to walk straight from tiredness. You’ll find you have to strongly will yourself to enjoy, instead of just waiting, hoping, praying for it to be over soon. Still, it certainly was an experience, and I am despite all really glad I didn’t miss it. My only real complaint: they didn’t play my favourite song!

=^.^= Koneko.

uhm… food?

Dear pancaketeers,

as opposed to last week’s power programme, this Sunday was for sleeping in and reading books and having breakfast in bed and almost being too late for a hilarious radio show. Session was also pretty fun, I enjoyed it a lot. I could of course go into detail about a lot of things, but a lot of it is -please insert English word here- Situationskomik, plus you don’t know any of the people at session etc… So I’ll just boringly say “it was good”.

Despite all the sleeping in, after session I was too tired to go down to mooch (student bar) with everyone else, so we headed straight back to the improv house. Halfsleeping and improvised songs and guitar infused homesickness  (for the first time since I am here) and suddenly it was 1:30 …

=^.^= Koneko.

spinach and artichoke melt

(last) SUNDAY

Dear pancaketeers,

Sunday I spent with my parents. Queen’s Walk and Camden Markets, what more polarization could you wish for? You know the blog, Humans of New York? I know you do, basically. Anyway, my point is, sometimes I wish I could just walk around taking pictures of people who catch my eye on the street. However, I wouldn’t always want to go up to them and ask for a picture, I’d rather capture them in the moment they are in, because that’s what I noticed and that’s what I want to keep. Most of the time, of course, that puts you in a very awkward position of them catching you invading their privacy….  

As I said, a morning full of bridges (Tower B., Longon B., Millenium M., the full programme) and riverside walking and taking literally a MILLION pictures (mostly of bridges and the riverside), we ventured into Camden, the magical labyrinth that is Camden Lock Market, to be precise. And even though it was really absolutely great, just as I remembered, on the walk back to the tube I regretted staying confined to the market, since there is an abundance of quirky and cool shops and cafes and street art to discover all over the area. Well, a good reason to go back, I suppose!

The evening entertainment/dinner was Hard Rock Cafe, even though we’ve already been to the Amsterdam one. But the one in London is supposed to be the first, and who can say no to fantastic music, food and atmosphere in general? For me, the choice was confirmed once we met out queen waiter, Isaac – LOVED HIM! There is nothing more beautiful than people who obviously really enjoy their jobs. He instantly made me think: ‘hey, he seems cool, I wanna hang out with that guy’. 

As an overall rule, days in London are LONG. It was not even close to midnight when we got back to our hotel, but, just like the night before, we fell dead into our beds and didn’t wake up til morning.

=^.^= Koneko.

chicken and bacon pasta salad

Dear pancaketeers,

Translation courses here really taught me to appreciate Germersheim, or at least the uni there. Every Friday from 10-12, I am SO close to getting a seizure and/or engaging in a serious argument with at least one of our two teachers, because they have simply NO IDEA what they are talking about! Especially when it comes to translations, but, as became apparent yesterday, also when it comes to the German language. YOU ARE A GERMAN NATIVE SPEAKER YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT PREPOSITION WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN DOING???!!!! I’m getting angry again, let’s move on.

Nothing much to say about the rest of the day really. Improv workshop in the evening went quite well, though I feel I could’ve been so much better. Then again, miming doors is a challenge indeed and so is knowing the end of the alphabet! Separate workshops just for that coming soon (or not).

Pizza and a move with the Squirrel Minion of Darkness. Good start into the weekend, I’d say.

=^.^= Koneko.

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