chocolate and lime slices

I am eating too many sweets. And crisps. And unhealthy stuff. Mwaaah

Dear  pancaketeers,

today got completely lost in uni work. And youtube. Now I understand why the Chinese stereotypically are so productive – they don’t have facebook or youtube to distract them. Now everything makes sense. Okay, mild racism aside, I did manage to get some things off my back. Unfortunately, there is a whole pile of other stuff I need to do, both academic and personal. For today I think I’ll keep it simple and just do my nails while listening to some Placebo so I don’t look like a ??? with ??? anymore. And tomorrow is another day.

Sweet dreams.

=^.^= Koneko.

PS: I feel like these daily letters have become a LOT more boring since the beginning, a lot less going out etc. So how come I’m still always lagging behind on things I usually manage to squeeze in somehow???


Grilled toast*

*is better that toasted toast. No room for arguments there. Also, another thing Brits are big on, apart from mint, is vinegar. They put it on everything – even on toast, frieschips and into pasta water. Weird but surprisingly not bad.

Dear pancaketeers,

technically I have two posts to write and I have quite a few things to say about both yesterday and today. But I’m just so exhausted right now, I don’t even know why. Okay, here’s what’s going to happen: I’ll write down key words right now, so I don’t forge what I wanted to tell you, and when I get the time I will edit them into what I actually wanted to say. So here goes.

yesterday,Tuesday: awesome weather, new hat, yay Chinese, finally some shopping, improv workshop: charcter bulding and physicality, German humour and insider jokes, tinfoil faces.

Wednesday, today: good morning, class readings in bed, breakfast toast, seminar: unsatisfying disussions, uni work and youtube, costume trial, excitement for Halloween, reluctant visit to house party, the perks of being a suicidal clown (or the clockwork orange?), drizzle, washing up and laundry, exhaustion.


=^.^= Koneko.

Boeuf Bourguignon

I like wearing lipstick lately. I actually wore it for shopping the other afternoon. I’m turning into that girl now.

Dear pancaketeers,

what to say what to say. I prefer writing directly at the end of the day, when everything is still fresh and vivid. Unfortunately these days, I often don’t get the chance.

(pretends it’s last night) I was feeling much much better today, only my sore throat hasn’t completely recovered yet. So I put on a warm pullover and scarf and set out to lectures. The stuff you hear at Approaches to American Culture is quite interesting indeed, but I simply can’t see where it would ever be useful, except for fun facts and trivia quizzes. And the Media and Society content seems, much like translation studies, pretty much to be obvious and/or overtheoreticised (yay for monstrous word constructions!). What I do like though and never stop to admire how friendly and easygoing the lecturers here are, without losing their authority for a second. We got an email from one lecturer the other week, where he was clarifying something he had said in the previous lecture: “I might have given the impression that [what it was actually about is not even important]. If I did, I am an idiot”. That’s what he wrote. Not kidding. I might be overreacting, but, coming from countries where they put a lot of emphasis on formalities and adressing lecturers/superiros/elders/you get it politely, I am really striken by it. In Britain, as I learned later in the evening, it is customary since the upper school classes and teachers and professors even encourage it. Weird.

I spent my break catching up on Chinese homework (thank god that next week is consolidation week) and then sneaked out of my last lecture during break because I wasn’t listening anyway. The evening was a most lovely combination of adorable French restaurant and sarcasm and strolls across the graveyard (so different from the ones in Germany – wilder somehow) and blueberry muffins from Tesco’s and nocturnal tendencies piping up once again. Only thing missing was ice cream (yeah I’ll be obsessed with that now until I get an ice cream cone in my hands). 

=^.^= Koneko.

wat caught my eye today: the outlines of the trees againt the night sky. I love the dark.

ice cream

Dear pancaketeers,

after a horriblenight of incredulously weird fever dreams and waking up punctually every two hours, I spent today the only way that makes sense when being ill: sleeping, watching movies, and listening to the improv radio show while cooking pasta. It’s the first time I missed improv and I am heartbroken about it! I used to like it a lot in Germany already, but over here it has grown on me even more. Bordering on obsession even – just kidding – or am I?

Anywho, that was the brief update of today, and I am so looking forward to not being ill anymore, which will hopefully be the case by tomorrow morning.

=^.^= Koneko.

pasta with tuna

Dear pancaketeers,

turns out the headache I took for a hangover this morning is actually the beginning of a cold, wich got supplemented by aching bones, just as I had to get ready to go to the city for coffee and costume hunting. So  I took a fever pill, made myself look pretty to compensate for the shitty feeling and off I went. It was good fun and even quite successful. Getting seriously excited for Halloween now. I also tried out that milkshake place for the first time, and it really is pretty cool, not only because it treats milkshakes like frozen yoghurt (meaning you can basically put anything in there) but also because of it’s style, which you only really notice when you sit down instead of taking your calory bomb to go.

It currently is 7:47pm and I am off to bed, Neko over and out.

=^.^= Koneko.

maryland chicken

Dear pancaketeers,

I feel really really tired right now. It’s this alcohol induced kind of tired, where you just want to curl up and sleep. I’m going to do that now.

I am really glad I went out though, it was so good to see the Erasmus friends again, And to see that they were just as happy to see me. Play some drinking games, bring up some insider jokes and have some shots. Dance with everyone for a bit like you don’t care. Which you don’t. But you’re happy. Really much so. And you’re a bit afraid that it won’t last….

My eyes are really itchy. And my lipstick leaves weird stains when it comes off.

=^.^= Koneko.

Falafel on Pizza

Yup, definintely turnung nocturnal. And then being tired all day. Drinking coffee. Vicious.

Dear pancaketeers,

I’m sorry my post comes so late, but I didn’t have any access to my computer last night and Friday mornings are my horror day. Espacially today, when everyone just decided that this would be the ideal time to make lectures really intense and important. Yay. Wait – rewind to Thursday, because this is Thursday’s post.

So yesterday I was also tired. But luckily I had only one lecture – pretty intense though, I came out of there quite dazzled. What else did I do? I found my way over to Beeston (with a little help from my friend the busdriver), where I watched Forever with the friendly inhabitants of the improv house, and then ended my day with something completely different*.

(I’m talking Monty Python of course, even though I trust you both got the reference) 

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: of all the creepy guys and dubious figures that I encounter in this neighbourhood, this old lady today was kind of the scariest. She just looked at me so weirdly…

*what do you mean this sounds ambiguous? Of course it does! Have we met?!

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