Very crumbly meat pastries

Dear pancaketeers, (see what I did there?)

This is yesterdays post, let’s just pretend I only just came home.

I had my first two lectures yesterday, and they basically were like all lectures are: long and dragging. I don’t know what it is, but whenever someone in the front starts speaking, I get really really tired after a couple of minutes. Why did I choose the academic path again? I didn’t make any new friends in class, for some reason I turned totally shy in there… I only have two lectures on Mondays, but a 3 hour gap in between them, I’ll have to come up  with a creative way to fill that, otherwise my days will end up being not only long but also incredibly unproductive…

In the evening, we went to a pub called Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which is supposed to be the oldest pub in England. It was really nice and cozy and even though it was raining – for the first time, woo! – we sat putside, rearranging tables and  chairs and umbrellas so that everyone could fit without getting wet. It could have been a fun night, If I hadn’t started to come down with a cold, which as usual turned me into a grumpy, whiny little heap of misery that just wants to go home. For some reason, however, I agreed to come along to the next pub as well. I suppose it was curiosity, since that pub was in an old church. And abeautiful pub it was indeed. I’ll edit and post pictures this afternoon, I should be home early enough for once. Anyway, in the end I went home much later than intended, and it might have been that I was getting sick, but on the way home a wave of sadness hit me, the kind that just makes you want to curl up somewhere under a pile of blankets…After a good night’s sleep I am feeling much better though (still sick, but no longer sad).

I’ve got to go get ready now. I have a Chinese class and I’m incredibly nervous, because I’m sure they put me in a much higher leven than I can cope with… More on that tonight!

=^.^= Koneko.



noodles and pasta

Dear pancakes,

I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but literally NOTHING of significance happened. I went to an Erasmus BBQ with unspectacular food in the afternoon but left quite early because I was not feeling it. Next thing I know: I wake up, fully dressed, on my bed at 10pm. So I shrugged, put on my PJ pants and turned around again. Boom.

Today was also quite uneventful, as Sundays tend to be, except for the evening, when I had my first English improv session yayyy! I was really excited and a little nervous about it all day, and I was not disappointed. Compared to Germersheim, things are a little more organised here and a lot bigger. They even have a radio show. We were about 30-40 people and played some games I hadn’t heard of, but also quite a few I alreadt knew. I was once again amazed by some peoples ideas and creativity and I even though I was new, I felt very welcome and as if I belogned. You see, that’s the thing I like about improv people, they are amazingly open and friendly and like meeting new people and even though many of them are actually really shy and awkward, improv somehow helps us all to overcome that and open up. After the session we went down to Mooch, the students pub on campus, for drinks and I made my first British friend. EXCITEMENT!

I already can’t wait until next week and I am already sad that I’ll have to leave in January. For now I’ll go to bed, I have my first lecture tomorrow at 10. I am really curious about everything. Goodnight.

=^.^= Koneko.

Strawberries in September

Dear pancakes,

did you know that in Brazil they donät eat avocados in salty dishes like guacamole etc, but as sweets? We are talking, avocado shakes and avocado ice-cream here. My mind was completely blown. Also, the capital, Brazilia, is an artificial city, created from scratch for the sole purpose of being a country’s capital city. (Same stands true for Washington DC, by the way). Random trivia aside, the more time I spend with my roommate, the more I want to travel. Mostly to Brazil, because his descriptions are so amazing, but also to Iceland to bathe in a hot spring and the USA to do some incredibly cheap shopping. It’s what in Germany we call Fernweh, I guess.

It is Friday, everyone is going out tonight. I just didn’t feel it. So I’m staying home, procrastinating and watching series with my roommate until he has to catch his bus.

And my room smells like r´freshly washed clothes and lavender.

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: teacups on a pub table late in the evening. Who drinks tea in a pub in the middle of the night? SO BRITISH.

PS: Apparently, when Brazilians travel, they are allowed two pieces of luggage, 32 kg each! Whuaaaat?! Aaand, Brazil has the second highest taxes after Denmark, mostly to feed their politicians (kind of like in Greece), since their health care and educational system cannot compete in any way with the Danish. I love knowing stuff, makes me feel smart!

first-time Jelly Beans

Dear Pancakes,

oh, I don’t know. My day was eventful in a very uneventful way… Makes sense? No? Didn’t expect it to.

Well, this morning, upon finally putting together my timetable, I realised that my courses were totally overlapping and therefore I had no choice but to unenrol from a module and – even though I had planned to stay home and do some laundry etc – walk all the way to uni and sign up for another module. On the bright side, I am now taking part in an Introduction to Contemporary  China, which, after a few initial worries, I am pretty excited about. On my way out of the building, a young guy spoke to me and his friendliness cheered me up quite a bit. Seems like I’ll be seeing him in class next week… Generally, the British are a very friendly bunch for the most part, and always polite. I like that, and it’s contagious.

Anyway, wby the time I got back home, the time for productiveness had kind of run out and my room will have to stay in this mess for at least another night, though I highly doubt I will have time for that tomorrow. It is just really inconvenient that all the night activities here start so early! One of the people I like most over here had his birthday today, so instead of going straight to the FatCat (I keep liking this place more and more) I spent about half an hour running around town trying to find a cupcake and some candles. The cupcake had pink icing was probably stale, and it came in a cheap and trashy paper bag, but I hope he liked it anyway. A birthday requires a cake and candles and I did my best to get that in the midst of the mess that is my everyday life right now. In any case, we had a pretty good time and delicious cocktails.

After that I wanted to go the the Trent Uni’ students bar, because some other friends of mine were there and I hadn’t seen them the whole week, so I dragged my neighbors along with me to find it. Unfortunately the GPS had obviously never heard of the Loft and we ended up in the middle of somewhere – or nowhere – and decided to head into the nextbest pub for one last beer and then call it a night. We found a really nice and cozy place with life music were we sat down and let the conversation take its course from relationships to vegetables and back. When the others went out for a cigarette, I found myself with a little time to let my mind wonder for the first time in what seems like forever. I don’t even really remember what exactly I was thinking about knowing me, probsbly something gloomy), but it felt really good. Oh, I thought about what Nessi said about language and personality, and I think I have to disagree. Different languages don’t really change what you say, how you say it, and who you are, they just make it sound different. Of course, you might also use different lnguages to express different thigns, like I do, but they are all you.

I shouldn’t have cut my hair before I left Germany…


=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: two kids sitting at the bus stop, who seemed like day and night to me. the girls was a ginger, complete with red hair and freckles and as pale as they come, and the boy had ski like dark chocolate and the typically thick  African American black hair.  They made a really cute couple.

non-deliverable Domino’s pizza

This is my 100th post. Oh my, this should probably be somthing special. But once again I don’t think I have the mental capacity to make it so.

Dear pancakes,

It is not even 3am and I feel kinda lame being in bed already, and maybe I wouldn’t be if I had chosen a different option for tonight. But truth be told, I don’t really mind since I have been around people all day again and will be also tomorrow and the day after that… Don’t get me wrong, I love being social and active and all, but I am not used to it and in combination with too little sleep and the excitement/confusion of a new Uni is getting to me. But first things first.

I finally signed up for courses today, which went only half-way according to plan. Of the 3 German-translation modules the uni offers (why do we even have a partnership, seriously?!), 2 are not accessible to Erasmus students because they are either full, or no regular students signed up for them in the first place. Great. Now I went from work-overload to struggling to get together even the required credits. Also, the signing up and timetabling system is incredibly complex and impractical – I swear, I will never complain about Jogustine again, ever!

After that, I went and officially signed up for the Improv Society. First meeting is on Sunday and I just can’t wait, aaaah!(I don’t love that it’s on Sundays though, because I’ll either have to cut weekend trips short or miss meetings, but I’ll figure something out)

The evening was a weird mixture of top and flop, but in hindsight I had a great time and probably made the right call, considering that I was not really in the mood for clubbing, even though I would’ve liked to spend some time with the partying group. However, I wound up wandering through the cold with a group of mostly Germans and Austrians – though everybody was very comitted  to speaking English, which I take as a good sign – which also contained a couple of people I really like. I got to taste some great cocktails (turns out I have a good gut feeling when it comes to that), find a pretty awesome Goth pub that I need to take Toast to when she comes visit, and saw in the birthday of one of my favourite people here.

I was also really happy when my housemate joined us spontaneously and I got to talk with him quite a lot and got to know him a little. He is a really nice guy. Unfortunately he is moving out in a few days already…

Well, that was my day. I still didn’t edit the other two posts and still didn’t get the pictures from my cam. But I promise, I will do it at some point!

Happy 100th post! ♥

=^.^= Koneko.

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie

I just realised that I must have been tired yesterday. You’ll be pleased to know that I filled in   (will fill in tomorrow, as well as edit this post to include pictures etc) the blanks in the previous post  .__.

Dear pancakes,

even though the day was also incredibly long and tiring, I feel like I have nothing much to say. I feel like I just want to curl up and dream something nice (maybe cuddle with someone who is far away). I am not saying I’m sad or unhappy, just a little worn out. Because after another day of signing up for more Societies I will probably never join (except the cocktail and the improv ones, those are a must for me!), going to induction meetings that made me none the wiser and eating nothing but (mostly free, yay) junk food all day, I feel like I am not getting anywhere, when it comes to uni. Add to that the exhaustion of endless walking – to uni, back and forth and back again through campus, back and forth into the city… I kid you not when I say the day was long. I left the house at 9 am, came back at 5 pm and had about two hours to figure out my new SIM card (which I didn’t, so still no UK number), to sort out my Uni stuff (which I didn’t because as I mentioned before I have absolutely no idea what I am doing) and to shower and get ready for the evenings toga party. Yes, you heard me: Toga.

So we had bought tickets for this Freshers party tonight and that’s why, even though we were allreally tired, we bought 5 pound sheets from Primark, tore them up, and spent hours trying to fashion them into togas that didn’t look like bedsheets. We were actually pretty successful: in the end, everyone looked quite pretty. But that was about the fun part of the evening. The party itself wa not really that great and the music basically sucked. Maybe we were just not in the mood…

On the way back (on foot again, because however tired we are we will NOT take a taxi or bus) I was told that I have a really weird accent – like a mixture of German and Italian, and sometimes anything else but actual English. And even though it was meant to be a compliment, telling me that I am unique and memorable, it rather made me feel a little bad, embarassed even, like I am the odd one out… But well, that is why I came to the UK, so lets see how things will be by January.

There is so much more I would like to write, and so many better ways I could have put everything, but I feel really tired and not capable of expressing any more or less complex thoughts right now. Maybe I’ll edit tomorrow. Is that even allowed?

=^.^= Koneko.

what caught my eye today: uhm… uh.. squirrels. The campus is full of squirrels and they are so cute in the way they scurry around and their bushy tails swoosh behind them. Also remembered me of the Australian who had never seen a squirrel before. And here we think cangaroos are exotic, but at least we get to see them in zoos.

Carbonara salad

Dear pancakes,

I am looking forward to a spectacular total of 4 hours of sleep before I have to get up and try to tackle the mess that is my module timetable. But still, I comitted to this and it would be shameful to fail on the second day.

I went to the uni for the first time today, and the assumption I had made looking at the map turned out to be correct: the campus is probably bigger than all of Germersheim.

And better equipped, with their supermarket and pharmacy/drug store and print shop and whatnot. Oh, and then there are the societies. In honour of Week One, the Students Union organised a big Fair, where all the societies get a stall and hand out flyers and provide information. There is literally nothing they don’t have. Harry Potter, Lego Nerf, Any kind of sport (including polo, windsurfing and caving), any country, any kind of art/politics/religion, pole dancing, baking, you name it. We spent hours just walking through it, collecting free pens and vouchers and leaflets. I signed up for about half a dozen mailing lists. And tomorrow we are going back because we are sure we missed half of it.

The evening was planned to be a quiet get together at the Fat Cat, which seems to be turning into our favourite pub (us being the Erasmus group). Only that after the pub I ended up walking all the way to Domino’s just to find out it had closed 9 minutes earlier, stopping by the mini houseparty my neighbours were having and then coming home to  listen to beautiful sounding descriptions of Brazil and find out all about Nigeria Idol. Turns out my roommates not only exist, but are also very cool and friendly. And just like that I feel a lot more welcome and at home in the house.

Sleepy time.

=^.^= Koneko

what caught my eye today: I woke up to the most beautiful sunset this morning, right in front of my window. I tried taking pictures, but my camera failed to capture the moment. Later, on the walk to uni (which felt a lot like walking to school), the first little steam puffs came out of my mouth – and the girls around me were wearing shorts and sandals! Die spinnen die Briten!

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