Keeping the balance

And I want to write. Write everything down. Word by word, letter by letter. Until everything is said, the whole story along with everything that’s on my mind.

And I want to scream. Scream out all my thoughts. Until everything makes sense.

And I want to laugh, and cry and laugh again until I can’t breathe anymore.

And I want to run. Run until my legs hurt, my lungs hurt, my whole body hurts and still not stop. Never ever stop again. Until everything that upsets me is not there anymore.

But I never do what I want to, and one day, when it is way too late, I will learn that lesson – that keeping stuff to yourself is not always the best way to protect you. Neither is the opposite. I’ve experienced part of both in the last days. Life is hard,who knew.

That’s why I am saying it right now: I’m fine. Of course everything is okay, of course I’m okay.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: post its that have hung on my wall for so long, that I don’t even see them any more. They could easily disappear right tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice. Weird how you get used to stuff like this so much.


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