Yesterday. Today. (no) Tomorrow.

Everybody seems so busy these days. Nobody has time to talk anymore. No time to talk, to share news, to fool around a little. Then again, are there any news to tell? Nothing ever happens here. Or anywhere. People just walk through the motions of their life, or so it feels to me.

And why would anybody fool around. We’re grown up now and it’s way too late for foolishness. We’re supposed to be serious now. Discuss the political dvelpoments and worry about the financial crisis. No laughing. The jokes become dry, so does the laughter. No fooling around, because that might make us happy.

And who would want that.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: it was windy yesterday, and the air was full of tiny white and yellow petals, falling from the blooming trees. It was a beautiful but sad image and it kind of suits my state of mind lately.