Piece by piece

I ADORE PUZZLES. Always have. Always will.

I can still remember the old jigsaws I had when I was 2 years old – some kittens, a family camping, several Disney motives –  with few pieces in big sizes. I remember them because I loved them and played with them over an over again and when I grew bored, I tried to make them upside down. As the years passed the pieces became more, but smaller, and the motives more challenging. By now it is a tradition that every Christmas I get a puzzle which I can do over the holidays. Many of those hang on my walls now.

But why am I so obsessed (that word really describes it well, and I like it. It sounds nice: obsessed/obession! ) ? I don’t really know. All I do know is that it is kind of a nice feeling to link all those tiny pieces together to form a larger picture, and it makes me proud when I have to merely glance at a piece for a second and then know exatly where it belongs – and just as much to FINALLY find the right place for a piece that’s been bothering me for hours or even days. It is a challenge, a quest.

whatever you do, NEVER EVER chose a monochromatic backgound!!
Took me all summer to finish this one

I also like the pieces themselves. I love looking at them trying to find their detail; because in good puzzles, no two pieces are the same. It is fascinating to look at thei noses with different shapes and corners, or the mouths, some big and round and others square and tiny. And it just keeps going through my mind that in order to complete the puzzle you  have to touch each piece – and I really mean every single one of those 1000 little carton squares – at least once. For most of them ,it’s more than once, which means you get to recognize them, to know them like they have some form of character or something, until you’re somehow even sad when you find their place and they no longer matter. 

But most of all, while doing a puzzle is the perfect time to relax and to think. It is so comforting, soothing almost, to brush through the box with your fingers, trying to find anything interesting in the treasure chest. You can perfectly let your thoughtsdrift.

No matter what, someday I want to do a big jigsaw puzzle. And I mean a REALLY BIG ONE. Like 10.000 or something like that pieces, big enough to fill a whole wall when it’s finished.  All on my own I want to do it. Let’s hope I’ll find a big enough surface and a bag full of free time…

I can’t believe it’s already September. Summer’s as good as over and new countdowns are about to begin. It seems that life consosts of days left until something happens – one monthe till the exams, three days till a trip beegins, one week till it’s over, 20 days till it’s time to pack the suitcasees for good and so on… When did the clocks decide to tick faster?

Good news is, my summer so far was just AWESOME! Of course that’s no excuse to neglect my blog for so long, I am aware and terribly  sorry! 

Have a nice beginning of autumn everyone :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqKZ_WIK5ms&fb_source=message

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: I was at the pool the other day, and while I was trying not to get drowned by my friend, I noticed a family walking by: the little boy was chattering happily and asking his dad about the depth of the water every few steps. ‘Can I still reach the bottom here? What about you dad? Not even Manuel Neuer (German goalkeeper)?” it made me laugh, because I used to measure depths the same way when I was little.


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  1. Jack VD
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 03:21:52

    my problems seem to be like puzzles sometimes. there are several pieces lying around and you just need to grab them, to figure them out and to put them where they belong, continue repeating these steps and the puzzle is done. Hold one piece, just one of them, away and you can never finish it. why you would ask. well, no specific reason, just because, i guess. because you dont want to give it away, because you feel like it belongs to you and just you, because if you put it out there everyone will know. because you can. and when someone asks why the piece is missing you have to make something up, dragging you even deeper into this hopeless situation, not being able to finish off your masterpiece.
    it might seem nice from far away, artistic you could say, with some pieces missing, making the whole picture more intriguing and interesting. in the end you won’t be able to recognise if it really looks nice or you try to convince yourself that what you did was correct and learn to live with some pieces hid away.

    secrets aren’t meant to keep people together. they tear them apart.
    i hope you can make even more puzzles in the future, that you end up having a puzzle collage in your room one day and that you never lose a piece.
    ..much love


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