In the cold? light of the morning

What caught my eye today last night: at about 3 am I found out that from my window I can seee the lights of passing cars on thee new highway. It’s funny, ’cause in the dark youcan’t see thee street. You only know it’s there from ste small dots of light moving through the nothing.

good morning :)

I like these hours after midnight, the really early morning. When everything turns quiet and most lights go out. Many people find it scary and eventhough the first adjective that comes to my mind is peaceful, I can’t blame them. I remember the other night when i was walking home with my best friend, past 4 am. Our voices were the only thing sound to be heard, when we reached that road with cars parked on both sides.

‘Imagine all the lights turning an all of a sudden right now. It would be like they are looking at you, ready to come after you’ I said, shivering.

‘Imagine you just walk past themand suddenly there is a movement behind on of the windows. Or even worse, you see a face staring right at you’ he answered. Really, imagine that! That’s when it’s over with the peaceful, that IS scary. Luckily, no car came alive and nobody jumped out of one and we got home pretty soon, giggling.

I also like the rest of the morning actually. When the sky shiftss from black to grey to light blue and the birds start singing again. I love sunrises. Years ago, on a family holiday, I was up at six o’clock for some reason, so I went outside and for the first time I watched the sun, bloody red, rise up to the sky – then I went to the pool, becausee I always wated to take a swim this time of the day, but the water was so freezing – don’t repeat this at home kids:P From then, I’ve admired the soft yellow and orange colors quite often, they always leave me breathless.

morning light

And then comes the actual mornig, and here is what I adore doing on those, at least when I’m in town, a luxury I don’t have all that often: get up, get dressed and head outside, to walk among other people, whose faces are still pretty realxed because it’s early. Meet with somebody you like and head for a nice place, preferrably somewhere in the center, and sit down for breakfast (I couldn’t explain where that tick with breakfasts in the city comes from, but I LOVE them), watching the people around you as it slowly gets warmer and the day begins for good. I’ve found out that whatever weather it is, the atmosphere is light and happy. As long as you’re with somebody you can argue and laugh with.  

But, as I discovered recently, I don’t even need company to enjoy the magic of the morning. After being up almost all night with my friends I was the only one who felt like going out for breakfast (the others were tired, can you believe it?), so I went and sat at Loggia on my own (remeber the place? I talked about it another post a while ago). When you haven;t slept, everything around you seems eeven brighter and more alive, so I sat there for a long while, listening to music and observing the people walking by and it made me feel a little better; I wansn’t in my very best mood you see.

It’s a shame I’m sleeping so long these days, I miss my favourite time of the day…


Before I leave you for today, I just anted to say a big, no, a HUGE thank you (pink, beecausee shee loves it heehe) )to Μυρτώ. Because I’m so incredibly grateful to have her. She gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten the other day and I just wish I could give her something back that is just as simple and yet meaningful. I wish I could get the stars down for her too. 

=^.^= Koneko.

(Eyecatcher is at thee top this time, it was such a pefect introduction ;))



Έχεις δοκιμάσει ποτέ να φτάσεις τ’αστέρια

πάνω σε μια κούνια που σου φτάνει ούτε ως το γόνατο;

Ψηλά, όλο και πιο ψηλά ανεβαίνεις

Και ακριβώς μπροστά σου η Μεγάλη Άκρτος,

Να σε χλευάζει.

Γιατί δεν πρόκειται να φτάσεις ποτέ τόσο ψηλά.

Γιατί είσαι φτιαγμένος για μετριότητα, όχι για αστερόσκονες και λάμψη.


Ένα πεφταστέρι. 

Πέφτει για να με βοηθήσει να το φτάσω, έστω και με ζαβολία.

Αλλά ούτε αυτό μπορώ.

Οπότε μένω εδώ κάτω, τα πόδια μου να σέρνονται στο χαλίκι

ενώ η κούνια χάνει ταχύτητα και ύψος,

με μια ευχή.

*  *  * 

«Θέλω να είσαι χαρούμενη»…

Κι εγώ θέλω. Προσπαθώ.

Μόνο που τυχαίνει όσα με κάνουν να γελάω, να με κάνουν και απίστευτα λυπημένη πλέον…









=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today:  Στο ίσως πιο κεντρικό σημείο της πόλης, υπάρχει μια ολόκληρη γωνιά περιφραγμένη απο έενα μπλε και πορτοκαλί δύχτι. Λοιπόν πριν μερικές μέρες κοίταξα επάνω, για να δω πως το δύχτι κρύβει ένα κτίριο – οι τοίχοι γεμάτοι με πανώ απο διαφημίσεις – που περιμένει μια ανακαίνιση που μάλλον δε θα γίνει ποτέ.