Who we are

Hello everyone! First of all, let mee say that I am terribly SORRY! I know I had promised you to post more (and less boring themes) once my exams finished. Which they have, weeks ago. And I still heven’t put anything new on… The reason for that is, that I am at a complete loss of inspiration and interesting topics.  So today I actually had a thought that has the potential of being turned into a post, let’s see if I can get something interesting out of it ;)

Chromatics – Kill for love

One thing that became clear to me lately, even though it is pretty obvious and logical actually, is that instinctive need we have to share our inside with others. Even the toughest of us, and even though many will never admit it. Still, everybody wants to show others what touches them, and what makees them unique. Because we all are desperate to prove to the world, or maybe just to make ouselvesbelieve, how special we are. Ironically, we are more similar to each other than we might think, or like. It’s surprising how similar people are, even at their very core.

Anyway, I was talking about bringing the inside out, and the first example for what I mean is the blog you’re reading this instant! I created cats like cupcakes, so I’d have a place to put my thoughts and issues for nobody in particular to read; and maybe to understand. And I am not alone – there are so many blogs created by so many people who want a piece of them on the internet, where they can show people just that little part of ‘ who I am’ that theey want. Others choose to not say anything, they have photoblogs, which can show just as well what moves their owners. I like scrolling through pages full of pictures, looking for a theme, or trying to figure out what the blogger thought when he uploaded this or that.

Tomorrows’ World  has some very impressive pictures and I keep visiting it regularly.

Then, there is youtube. I will not talk about the youtubers, but will focus on other people, who create accounts and upload tons of videos more or less self made, with lyrics or pictures or copied video clips – let alone all those tutorials about anything you can imagine. This too is a way to show people what you like, what you do and what you’re good at.

I also have a friend, who has a show on the local universitys radio station. It is only an hour once a week, but I think he always picks the songs he wants to play very carefully every time. Because playing your music to a bunch of people you can’t see, makes you feel pretty vulnerable. People may not see your face, but it still is a very private moment I guess.

You know what I am really curious about? How someone who knows me only through this blog would describe me, what kind of image I give others with my posts.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: the fruit bowl on our kitchen bar. It is basically a huge plate with a blue pattern and it has always been there, holding more nicknack (coins, clips, screws etc) than fruit. I think it is one of the things in this house that will bee there like, forever and the thought is kind of comforting to me.