East end boys & West end girls

It’s a week now since I’m back fromGermany. It feels like a month. And yet, absolutely nothing has changed while I was away. I actually do nothing but wish for it to become summer, or at least spring, so I can go out without a jacket again, I hate jackets and coats!

One nice thing though was the day we spent inBerlin, with my mother’s friend and her son. I usually don’t like going to large cities with my parents, but this time was fun! I spent quite some time looking out the car window, so here is:

What caught my eye in Berlin!

Holocaust memorial. Sad thing actually that there was the need to even build such a thing, but the tribute to the thousands of eliminated Jews is a pretty impressive monument!















That’s 2711 concrete blocks you’re looking at, and walking through them really makes you feel a bit depressed – when you think of what it stands for even more so!

East Side Gallery. A piece of the wall that used to separate East andWest Berlinwas repainted by …I’m not sure exactly if it were artists or school classes or whoever. The result of this work however is amazing! About one kilometer of colorful paintings that you can just glance at when driving by in the car, but also walk along the wall and take your time enjoying each piece. Unfortunately the day we went it was really COLD and we didn’t walk all of it :(





That was the big things. Then there were lots of little stuff, the usual eyecatchers I put at the end of every post. Of course, since I didn’t bother to write them down. I don’t remember all of them. One thing I saw was that old lady, pushing her walking help thingie (really don’t know what they’re called in English) along the sidewalk.

Another thing I noticed was the girls ofBerlin, and generally inGermany– they all look the same!!! Just like here all the girls look so alike you could take them for clones! Only there they are blondes and wear clothes from C&A instead of Bershka. Sad sad…

That’s it for now… there’s gonna be no eyecatcher in the end today, I think I proved that many things catch my eye ;)

=^.^= Koneko.