Someday they’ll come

This is a song I heard today, on memorial day for all schools*. I just loved it. Not only does it have very true, sad and touching lyrics. But I also first heard it sung by Nektaria, one of my schoolmates. Nektaria has the most beautiful and full-of-soul voice (I believe she will be really big someday). Listening to her always makes my whole body shiver – but this song was even more special! I liked her version much much more than the mans voice in the video (though it’s nice too), but sadly I can’t share it with you…

*I should probably tell you what this day is: on November 17th in 1973, we celebrate the demonstration of the Politexnio, a very prestigious university in Athens. It was drowned in blood, but I admit (I say admit, because usually I believe that the Greeks overdo it with their supposed heroism in past times) it was a remarkable thing to do against the dictatorship that they had back then.

Imagine thousands of people gathering on the streets, singing, shouting, protessting peacefully, while the air is thick with smoke and poisonous gassses. As hard as I try, as hard as I wish I could, I am not able to imagine something similar happen these days – at leasst not in Greece.  For something like this to happen, it takes people who think, who care. Who love their country. Who are willing to change something , to make sacrifices in order to achieve a better tomorrow.

What is left of that spirit today?  What?! As sad as it makes me to think of those lives lost because of stupid and pointless political games. It makes me even more sad to think, that if we had a dictatorship upon us right now, nobody would do anything against it.

Wrong. People would react. They would use guns and burn things down and achieve nothing. Instead everything would be worse, because there would be even more violence and even less being united!

I don’t know how it could happen or who is to blame, but it’s tragic, what society has become.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: it is so amusing when people on the bus wait, finger on the button, for the exact! right moment to press ste stop signal – I do it too :D


Can you imagine…

A few days ago, I successfully ignored the (huge) pile of homework that waited for me – I paid for that yesterday! – and watched a movie somebody had recommended to me ages ago: Beastly.  It was a pretty good movie, though a bit predictable but this is how love stories and fairytales are ;)  Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about this time.

There is one sentence, repeated twice in the movie, that caused my troubled little brain to forget about Maths for a while:

Can you imagine this love?


What is love?

What makes love so special?

How do you know you love someone? And what does that mean then?

Why is it so easy to tell your friends you love them (and mean it, of course!) but such a big deal when it’s about a man/woman? What’s different in saying it to a partner? Does this mean, that the love you feel for your friends is worth less? Definitely not!

So why is this ‘I love you’ such a big thing to say?!

And, if love is so valuable and strong, why does it disappear from relationships so easily? And how?

What is love?

I have met people who might know the answer. Who are (or were) really in love with someone, there is (was) no doubt. And even then I wondered, what they were feeling, how strong this something they felt must be. But I could never identify it. I guess I will have to wait and find out for myself sometime…

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: my classmates, speaking and laughing and screaming three times louder than neseccary . What are they trying to achieve with that?


Electric Chapel (Lady Gaga)  and  Reden (Tokio Hotel)                                                                                                                                                                 are songs I like, no, love. And I do love them because they have a flair of secrecy, an intimate secret… They make me imagine dark scenes, full of shadows and figures sneaking in and out of the dimmed light…

Maniac, Fuck you (Archive) and Song to say goodbye (Placebo)                                                                                                                                             are, along with many others, songs I can never get enough from hearing. They tell stories. Stories of despair, of darkness and feelings of … being lost, abandoned, feelings of something dark, gloomy, sad. Of course, there are many many songs I like, and all for different reasons. I just wanted to share those few with you, because I’ve been listening to them lately.

And here’s some greek poetry that we did in school today. I think it’s quite nice :)                                                                                                             I tried to translate it, but since it’s poetry, the result was no good.  So let me just tell you that it is about hypocricy, and silence… 

Επιτύμβιον – Μ. Αναγνωστάκης

Πέθανες- κι έγινες και συ: ο καλός,                                                                                                                                                                                                          O λαμπρός άνθρωπος, ο οικογενειάρχης, ο πατριώτης.                                                                                                                                                  Tριάντα έξη στέφανα σε συνοδέψανε, τρεις λόγοι αντιπροέδρων,                                                                                                                                  Eφτά ψηφίσματα για τις υπέροχες υπηρεσίες που προσέφερες.

 A, ρε Λαυρέντη, εγώ που μόνο τόξερα τί κάθαρμα ήσουν,                                                                                                                                                             Tί κάλπικος παράς, μια ολόκληρη ζωή μέσα στο ψέμα                                                                                                                                                       Kοιμού εν ειρήνη, δεν θα ‘ρθώ την ησυχία σου να ταράξω.                                                                                                                                                  (Eγώ, μια ολόκληρη ζωή μες στη σιωπή θα την εξαγοράσω                                                                                                                                                      Πολύ ακριβά κι όχι με τίμημα το θλιβερό σου το σαρκίο.)                                                                                                                                                  Kοιμού εν ειρήνη. Ως ήσουν πάντα στη ζωή: ο καλός,                                                                                                                                                                    O λαμπρός άνθρωπος, ο οικογενειάρχης, ο πατριώτης.

Δε θά ‘σαι ο πρώτος ούτε δα κι ο τελευταίος.

And here’s my favorite song for today:

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: how many people drag their feet. It evens sounds like they are lacking energy and spirit. How hard is it to pick up your feet just a tiny bit more?!

I feel like writing about something more serious today, though I haven’t decided what this will be yet. You see, in my country everything is going absolutely crazy right now. The government changes its decisions every 5 minutes (and then they expect you to keep up – what do they think, that we have nothing better to do than hang in front of the TV, watching news all day?). I don’t know – I’m not well enough informed to know – what to think about all this. Who’s the ‘good guy’, who the ‘bad guy’ ? – everybody is screaming for the current government to retreat, but what’s after that? What are the alternatives? I do know that the situation is a disaster, but I can’t tell you how we got there, let alone what has to happen in order to get out again.

Of course, I am aware that I’m grown up now (whatever that means) and that I should know what’s going on in the political life of my country and generally what’s happening in the world. More than that, I am expected to have an opinion about all that! And it’s not like I don’t care about it all or like I don’t want to keep up. It’s just, that I fall asleep whenever I try to concentrate on the news for over 3 minutes (a bad habit that also works for teachers saying important stuff that will most probably come up in the exams). Also, especially in politics, it is a complicated and never-ending story. It’s hard to understand what’s going on and once you have found out, everything is different again. Which, to be honest, irritates me, it just feels too big for me. I feel so little and childish and stupid in front of debates about why people elsewhere are at war, or when hearing about yet more tax raises and poverty and despair.

I really admire people who are on top of all this, who can take part in discussions and have opinions about how this happened and what needs to be done. It gives me a feeling that they are actually taking part in life, while I am just watching from a bubble…

Sure, now that things are so bad in economy and politics, nobody can really afford to not have a clue about what’s going on, because what the country, and the whole world, needs most right now, is citizens who have strong and sensible opinions, because only they have the power to force the politicians and bankers and whoever is responsible for all this chaos to change their attitude and for a change take some measures that can actually bring some positive changes! Well, it sure is more complicated than that, but I am sure hat it is no solution to insult and swear at the government we ourselves elected…

 =^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: the SUN! how it changes a scene from dull to bright and happy, when it peaks out behind the clouds. And how warm it is, even in winter…

The taste of apple cores

This Friday was the first day in ages that I actually took the time to forget EVERYTHING concerning school, studying and exams. So, what did I do with this rare luxury? Well, it turned out to be … the absolutely perfect autumn day!

My best friend had invited me to pre-celebrate Halloween with her and her mum. I always love going to my best friends mum’s place, it is so … different, authentic, comfortable…harmonic there! So after getting a tour through the garden, which is completely different from my family’s garden but no less adorable, and a delicious lunch – with salad made from homegrown paprika and lettuce – we set off for the mountains, to enjoy the autumn atmosphere and nick some apples. So here are some of my impressions :)

Colors. Brown, golden, orange leaves; the sky changing from clear blue to an amazing grey; red, green and yellow apples; black and white sheep. Yellow grass and red berries and tiny white mushrooms. All made sharp and clear by the cold and fresh mountain air.

Apples, tasting like no other apple I have eaten before. So sweet, and juicy and like sunshine. I brought plenty of them home, but I doubt that they will taste exactly like yesterday.  

New experiences: for the first time I saw, collected and tasted rosehips and hawthorn berries. They are not bad, but I prefer to just look at their bright red colors. I also learnt quite a bit about recognizing Minoan ruins, since my friends mum is an archeologist who loves her job. I admire that a lot in her, as well as her humor  and her ability to notice the slightest detail in the landscape.

Muffins my best friend made when we came back, while I was reading to her and her mom from the book ‘der Geschmack von Apfelkernen’ (in English, the taste of apple cores). Talk about the perfect coincidence. In fact, the story of the book couldn’t have been more suitable for the occasion. The smell of that kitchen, like fresh apples and warm cupcakes and cappuccino chocolate, gave me the feeling of actually being in that old house with the large apple tree garden described by Katharina Hagena.

Laughter. I think it would be tragic to spend a whole day with a friend and not even once gat a major giggling attack. You know, the kind that doesn’t stop for ages and once you halfway calmed down, your friend says something – and there you go again. Did I mention that my friend gets the longest and most hilarious giggling attacks one can possibly think of? 

To many people most of  this might sound boring and not fun enough and uncool.  I for my part couldn’t think of a better autumn ritual than stealing a few apples with your best friend and braid rosehip tiaras that make you look like Celtic princesses (or at least that’s what we were told).


=^.^= Koneko.

PS. The pictures are my own, and the reason I bother to mention it is that I’m genuinely proud of how good they became :D

What caught my eye today: the more people try to come across as authentic and ‘themselves’, the more fake they look. It’s just plain sad…