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Today’s – well, yesterday’s – word of the day is: ΝΙΦΑΔΕΣ!
Nifadesss,nifadesnifadesnifades :D (for the non-greeks, it means flakes, like snowflaks, or in this case, chocolate flakes)
=^.^= Koneko.
What caught my eye today: the most fantastic wall I’ve EVER seen – stilized gray seagulls on a white and light blue background. I kept looking at it for like two whole minutes, repeatedly saying “aaah”…


Οταν πηγαίναμε (μαζί) σχολείο

If somebody asked you what you remember from the years you were in elementary school, what would you answer?


Personally, I wouldn’t be able to recall something noticeable at first. Generally, I believe that I don’t really remember things, or at least not what one might call important things. There are just pieces of pictures – places, people, events – in my head. And sometimes, they just come to me, make me remember. And smile.

There are so many unconnected little details that have come to my mind in the last weeks. For example, I realized that there are two things which have been very important to me at all times: horse riding, and writing.

Anyway, since this is part of an experiment I’m doing with Alex Demented, I will concentrate on my memories from grade school.

The first picture coming to mind is not even my own, but one my mom told me about: on my very first day of school, apparently I decided that I didn’t want to stay any longer, so I left class one hour too early and spent that time in the yard, waiting to be picked up. God, how I wish to still be able to make decisions that easily spontaneously, haha ;)

A person I remember from these years is Laura, who used to be my best friend back then. We met in kindergarten, and since then we kept seeing each other every weekend, at school and having countless sleepovers in the holidays. Thinking about her makes me sad though, because since she moved to Germany, things have never been the same. We both changed (naturally) and now, we don’t even see each other in the few weeks she comes to Crete every year…

I also still know exactly how our field trips were back then: the boys would all play football, while most of the girls took their painting stuff and would spend the day drawing rainbows and painting stones and adding glitter, which then were for ‘sale’ to other girls – who actually had their own painted stones, but this was a serious business ;) 

But you know what is really weird? I couldn’t remember what I really was like back then. It took me a quite a while, and a bit of searching in old photo albums, to bring back my favorite jeans and t-shirts, how my hair looked. Or that I used to like a band called    Ch!pz, that I would watch the German news together with my mom every evening (they are a lot shorter than the Greek ones).

Also, on every party I had in these years, my mom used to organize a treasure hunt, and when I was about 10, we started having karaoke battles ( yes, all my parties were epic and unforgettable! :D).

I remember hating my sports teacher, loving the class teacher we had in 5th and 6th grade (we all cried when it was time for the summer holidays), eating lemons (well, pretending to, we always spit them out) with Chris behind the new classrooms.

 What I DON’T remember, no matter how hard I try, is studying, doing homework. But apparently I had good grades, no matter if I worked for them or not. Oh, good old times! 

Now that I think of it, on my very last day of elementary school, I left a pencil –written message on a wall, somewhere I thought no one would ever read it, saying ‘thank you’ for the six years I spent there and everything they gave me- or something like that. I wonder if that’s still there…

There probably are a lot more things hidden somewhere in my head, but I think it’s more fun to keep them there, so they can visit me one at a time, when I least expect it.

I am really curious to see what memories Shark has from his years at grade school :)

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: anthills, so brown they looked artificial, and all the ants scurrying around, never stopping… it really is fun to watch for a while. ants :D

don’t know what I was looking for, but this is what I found (:

All my paths lead to…

I love walking through a lively place, being headed somewhere I want, to be with someone I like. I love having people around me, sitting in cafes and walking on the street and chatting with their friends and hurrying to some unknown appointment they are late for. I love how we all look different and no one really cares, how we all are headed to completely different destinations that no one else knows but us, how we come from all different places, with no one knowing what we were doing there. Because all we are at that instant,is people in the city center on a Saturday noon.  


And this is the one thing that makes me think: I LOVE THE CITY!

What I particularly love in the center of my city, is Loggia. Or, to be precise, the entrance space before the actual building (hardly anyone knows what the current function of this building is). I go there with my friends, and we sit either on the marble steps inside or the ‘frame’ surrounding it, for hours, doing actually… nothing. There are two main aspects, that make Loggia my favorite place to spend any time of the day:

First, there are the dancers. They go there in the evenings, set up a CD-player and use the smooth surface to practice (and show off) their break dancing skills (there also come skaters and all other kinds of groups, but they don’t dance, so I don’t care that much^^). I could sit there for hours, just watching how they jump and twirl like it’s the easiest thing in the world…

Then, it’s the location: there are always many many people walking by any time of the day, some stopping by to take photos (tourists) or greet their friends, others completely ignoring its presence. It is fascinating to just sit there, with your friends, and watch them all go by, observing (and criticizing of course) their looks (clothes, hairstyles, and whether they can or cannot walk on heels), while exchanging news from your lives and laughing about absolutely unfunny things.

a piece of Loggia


That’s it for today, well, for yesterday, but I was too tired to post it back then.

Requiem for a dream – remix

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: that awful pink helium balloon bunny with its unnaturally wide grin a baby passing by Loggia today had. I hated it, but still had to restrain myself not to jump up and go buy one myself. I am so grown up!

Isn’t it strange

They say, that the best environment to study is a quiet room, with no music and no distractions. For me that’s just painful. Especially lately, I can’t stand the quiet. I constantly need music in my ears, even when I study. Also, I –weirdly- find, that I can concentrate best, when there’s someone around me. For example today, while sitting in the gym, with my friends right next to me laughing their butts off over something – and I was absolutely lost in the world of math. I don’t need anyone to talk to me or even look at what I’m doing – just somebody to be around.

I there is nobody, this is what happens: me sitting in my room, supposedly studying, but actually writing a post about not being able to study :P 

It has been raining for the last couple days, but I don’t mind. Most people are complaining, but to me it feels just right. I actually like rain (most of the time), it inspires me. Rain changes the way everything looks completely – and when it’s over, everything is clean and sparkling in the light and smells like rain ♥

We had a class meeting today in order to decide where our last class trip should go. Places like Spain and Italy, but also Prague and Amsterdam were suggested. I voted for Italy, though now I’m thinking that this would be the chance to go somewhere I wouldn’t choose to go on my own.  Anyway, in the back of my head I expect to see us going to Salonika, like they do every year: that wouldn’t be too bad either :)

Well, I should probably go study.

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: the little white dog, that has become B1’s ‘mascot’, sleeping under a bench, so peacefully…

‘a career with future’ ?

As of this year, German men are no longer obliged to do a year of military service once they turn 18.  Which means, that the army is running out of soldiers (honestly, who would ever do it volunteeringly). As a result, there is an ad running on German television, trying to convince people to join the military forces:

Do they seriously expect people to buy this? I mean, the clip is all about how modern and full of spirit they are at the army, while showing pictures of confident young people on sparkling motorcycles, in breathtaking landscapes and in bright white planes with a brilliantly blue sky in the background. And the catching line: “The military: a career with future”.

I didn’t know the military had become la la land lately.

What I’m trying to say is, the whole thing is (mostly) about war, right? And when there’s war, there is no future, no room for career. In war, the sky is never clear baby blue, but covered in dust, smoke and panic. In war you don’t care about how spectacular that mountain you’re climbing is, but what kind of death might wait behind it.

I can understand that Germany now is in desperate need of soldiers – as a matter of fact, I believe that with the current global situation, there is little more than a thin wall of diplomatic pretence that separates us from a massive disaster. There are enough problems and enough crazy people around – but this is just ridiculous!

This is war – 30 secinds to mars

=^.^= Koneko.

What caught my eye today: a female pizza-baker. It looked really wrong, because in my (not at all discriminating) opinion, throwing pieces of pizza-dough in the air is a right preserved for men.

For you…

Dieser Post ist für alle, die ich in Germersheim kennen- und liebengelernt habe.

Für Athena, die nicht nur die beste Freundin, die ich hätte finden können, sondern auch eine wundervolle Person ist, die einfach mit allem fertig werden kann. Ich wünsche ihr, dass ihr Leben genauso verläuft wie in ihren Träumen, und dass sie auch immer in meinem Leben bleibt.    

Für Julia, meine Mitbewohnerin, mit der ich abends immer in der Küche gesessen habe, und so ziemlich den fröhlichsten und liebsten Menschen, den es auf diesem Planeten gibt. Hoffentlich hört sie niemals auf zu lächeln, denn ihr Lächeln ist einfach bezaubernd!

Für Afroditi, Tasos und Konstantin, bei denen ich mich immer wohl gefühlt habe und die ‚aufgepasst’ haben, dass ich nicht zu viel trinke.

Für Mattia, der mehr Sprachen spricht, als ich in den nächsten 20 Sekunden aufzählen könnte, und der leider auf meine Email nicht antwortet :(

Für Livia und Vanessa, weil ich unsere Nachmittage in der Bibliothek geliebt habe.

Für Alexej, der eigentlich gar kein „A…“  ist :P

Lukas, der sehr nett zu mir war und ein richtiger Freund geworden ist, obwohl wir uns gar nicht so oft gesehen haben.

Katerina und ihr Baby, denen es hoffentlich beiden gut geht. Der Abend in ihrem Schneewittchenhausgarten war sehr sehr schön.

Anna aus Polen, an die ich immer denke, wenn ich eine Rede halten soll, weil mich das ermutigt.

Für Felix, den ich zwar kaum gesehen habe, aber irgendwie haben wir es trotzdem geschafft, uns sehr gut zu verstehen :)

Für alle anderen, mit denen ich leider viel zu wenig Zeit verbrach habe, obwohl ich sie alle sehr gern besser kennengelernt hätte.

Und natürlich für WINI und CARLO und alle DOZENTEN & TUTOREN, die diesen unvergesslichen Monat erst möglich gemacht haben!!!

=^.^=  Koneko.

 What caught my eye today: a few old men, sitting in front of a café and playing cards. I really liked that picture, it was touching in a way…

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