The ‘click’

My day started quite relaxed and normal (getting up, going to school – blahblahblah), until my maths teacher made me feel so stupid I wanted to cry. I believe you can imagine how my mood was during the next classes. I still felt this way when we started watching some documentary about the Athens of the 5thcentury bC, which usually totally irritate and/or bore me. But this time it somehow comforted me (I wasn’t really listening to what the guy was saying, I just followed the video)– I actually wanted to go to these museums and look at the marble statues and whatever else. If I actually went I’d probably still be bored after 10 minutes :P

Anyway, this seems to have been some kind of turning point, because after that I felt kind of better. It’s like something clicked into place and I finally woke up, started thinking and interacting again. Also, I finally feel like dancing again, after a very long time. I want to move, to run, do something. That’s why I’m going to go jogging later.

I love autumn!!

I guess, if you feel down, you never know what will give you new motivation. Maybe its some stone horse with only three legs.

=^.^= Koneko.

 What caught my eye today: the back entrance to my school, which has a zig-zagged pavement around the parking lot. It annoyed me that I couldn’t walk in a straight line to get to my classroom.


Hello, I guess

So, here it is: the first post on my own blog. I’ve wanted this for so long, and now I don’t know what to write. Of course.

 So let me tell you about something I want to include in all my posts: the eyecatchers.

The idea is based on a kind of exercise we did on a seminar about Intercultural Communication I took part in this summer. All we had to do was go somewhere outside, look around us and write down whatever caught our intention right then, and how it made us feel. The goal of the exercise was to see how we all, being from different countries, noted something different. And the result was really interesting too. For example, a woman from Egypt experienced the cool and the green of Germany in a very pleasant way, while a girl from Russia was impressed by the sliding glass doors.

Anyway, intercultural interest aside, it made me realize something else too: how rarely people (or maybe it’s just me) just sit and take in their surroundings. That’s why I decided to do just this. I want to keep looking around me, write down what catches my eye and how I feel about it. It could be anything: a person I see on the road, the sunset, or some banal detail from school/home/bus stop.

What caught my eye today: A bird hopping up and down one side of its cage, chirping. It made me smile, and I wondered whether it had to do anything with the mirror that was facing the cage.

=^.^=   Koneko.